T.h.capital released a study today to maintain Ctrip rating

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Summary: Check the latest quotes Beijing time August 28 Morning News, the U.S. investment company T.h.capital released a study today, the Ctrip (NASDAQ:CTRP) stock rating maintained in the Holding (Hold) unchanged. The following is a summary of the contents of the report: High growth in airline bookings

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Beijing time August 28 Morning News, the U.S. investment company T.h.capital released a study today, Ctrip (NASDAQ:CTRP) 's stock rating maintained in the "holding" (Hold) unchanged.

The following is a summary of the contents of the report:

Ticket bookings high growth momentum may continue

Operational data points for August 2013:

The data in this report was obtained from public sources and processed using our own methods.

-August site traffic to achieve year-on-year growth:

As a reservation channel, Ctrip's online traffic has grown healthily. In the first 25 days of August, the average number of independent user visits per day was likely to grow by 67.8% year-on-year. By sector, the average daily number of independent user visits to the Ctrip ticket booking channel is likely to grow by 18.9%, while the average daily independent user visit to the holiday channel may achieve a 53.8% year-on-year growth.

-July ticket bookings to achieve growth of 27% to 32%:

In July 2013, Ctrip's ticket bookings were likely to reach about 4.5 million to 4.68 million, up 27% to 32% per cent from a year earlier, mainly as China's total air passenger population grew by about 9% in July, to 34 million.

-July Hotel overnight bookings to achieve year-on-year growth of 28% to 35%:

July Ctrip overnight bookings could reach about 3.68 million nights to 3.88 million nights, up 28% to 35% from a year earlier, compared with 2013 in the second quarter of the fiscal year 44%.

-The cash discount ratio for air tickets may remain stable, but August has declined:

By August 25, the average daily cash discount accounted for 2.2% per cent of the average daily ticket prices in the sampled routes, up from 2.1% in July. In the sampling route, cash discount flights accounted for 81% of the total flight in August, less than 88% in July.

-August ticket prices may fall by the chain:

On the sample flight, the average ticket price (excluding preferential measures) for Ctrip in the first 25 days of August was 1105 yuan, down 4.3% from the 1154 yuan in July.

-the average daily rate of July star hotels (ADR) may decline year-on-year:

China star hotels in July Average daily house prices may have slipped 8% year-on-year.

-August cumulative Android app downloads may grow by 16.3% on a month-on-month scale:

by July 22, Ctrip's total application downloads from 19 major Android applications could have reached 40.8 million, with a new download of 5.7 million and a 16.3% increase over the amount of downloads as of July 22. This growth rate is higher than 7.3%, but less than 48.7% of the Nasdaq:long. (Tangfeng)

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