The 13th jump of the factory of Tears

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Hon Hai Group's Foxconn company 20th 6 o'clock in the morning, another employee fell to death incident, but the location from Longhua factory in Shenzhen to the merged South China Sea Qi Mei company Guangdong Foshan Factory, the deceased is a 18-year-old internship student, but detailed cause of death remains to be investigated, if it is confirmed suicide jumped, also become Foxconn's " 13th jump. "

South China Sea Qi Mei Electronics company registered capital amount of 30 million U.S. dollars, on October 11, 2007 into production, is a Taiwan-funded enterprises with 6,000 workers, Foxconn in March 2010, the acquisition of Qi Mei Electric, enterprise management of all the implementation of the Foxconn model.

After the news, Hon Hai Group said in the evening of 20th, do not know the details, because Hon Hai and Chi Mei electric each have a speech system, this matter should be said by Chi Mei Electric. And the South China Sea Chi Mei Electronics and human Dispatch company issued a statement, expressed regret for the unfortunate incident, indicating that it will fully assist and cooperate with the police investigation.

South China Sea Qi Mei statement, 20th, about 5:30 A.M., Qi Mei Electronics Nanhai Factory dormitory occurred men fell, the relevant staff found immediately after the alarm, police also rushed to the scene, but the man died after the rescue, the police are still investigating.

According to the company, the man surnamed Liu, born in 1992, Hebei People, is a Xin Ren personnel dispatched staff, Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, the Oriental Vocational high Technology school students, June 28 in the school teacher led to the Qi Mei Electronics, after 4 days of training, the official internship on July 2 to work.

However, Liu's work 1 days and a half, since July 5, no longer work, the South China Sea Chi Mei in accordance with the provisions of the July 7 termination of his internship, the fall of the incident, is the teacher arranged to return home. But Xin Ren Human resources company leader Hou Gao said in the statement, the employee in Qi Mei work 1 days because of physical discomfort and "from", the teacher is arranging his return, and stay in Chi Mei staff dormitory.

Since the Foxconn Shenzhen Factory has occurred 12 of employees jumped this year, not only in the big chirping, but also caused international attention, now Foxconn's Chi Mei Electronics company, 20th again, the fall of the incident, whether suicide or accident, is this year's "13th jump" particularly eye-catching.

After a 11 jump at Foxconn employees, Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou has kissed the flames of fire, and the first opening of the mysterious Foxconn Shenzhen Longhua plant to let the media visit the interview, at that time to fight the cause of the full Terry orbital pan red 4 degrees bow apology, and to prevent the "12th jump", he announced the implementation of "Love Dragnet" such as 6 big prevent jumping measures, did not think he just left the front foot, immediately in the late night on the "12th jump."

There are Hong Kong gossip weekly big explosion Foxconn Longhua plant, the suspected buried thousands of baby corpse, local even rumors, jumping workers are caught when "double", Ghosts and other supernatural rumors are rampant, there are rumors that Guo Dongzhen invited monks to plant practices to eliminate disaster.

Then, in a shareholder meeting on June 8, Mr Gou said in-depth understanding found that 12 short staff may be rushed to 卹 Jin Cai suicide, therefore, he ordered the death of employees 卹 gold emergency orders, but in order to inspire morale, Mr Gou also made generous loans to senior staff 200,000 yuan, The idea of letting employees return to business.

Foxconn also announced that it would raise wages again, calming shareholders ' doubts about two consecutive salary increases, and promising to continue to run Hong Hai for the next 10 years. In addition, Shenzhen Foxconn announced a one-fold pay rise, it is also reported that in order to save costs, Foxconn will relocate to the lower pay level in the west and the northern part of the mainland, although Foxconn issued a press release, denied that will abandon Shenzhen, but the Shenzhen staff revealed that many of the plant's machinery has been packaged and sealed, employees have been transferred elsewhere.

After the news that the Shenzhen factory stopped hiring, Chongqing, Tianjin and other western and northern factories are recruiting to strengthen capacity, Foxconn also covers 300,000 factory in Henan province, in order to facilitate the transfer of some of the production lines from Shenzhen to this; Although Foxconn's industrial relocation is being rushed, academics say the mainland's "migratory Bird" The migration tide is at least 3 or 4 years away from completion, and as the migration tide goes on, the employee's serial falls, as if the plague, the curse, in the thought of being out of the moment but again.

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