The absolute disparity of income between urban and rural residents increased by 1002 yuan last year

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Yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture officials revealed that 2009 urban and rural residents income absolute Gap from 2008 to 11020 Yuan to 12022 yuan.  At the same time, the rural internal income gap is also expanding. Data from the Ministry of Agriculture indicate that urban and rural incomes in 2009 widened from 3.31:1 in 2008 to 3.33:1, and the absolute gap widened from 11020 to 12022 in 2008.  Income disparities are also widening within rural areas, and 40.07 million of the rural population is still not out of poverty. Kong Xiangzhi, deputy dean of the School of Agriculture and Rural Development of Renmin University of China, said that it was imperative to ensure the continuous improvement of farmers ' incomes. In addition, to enable farmers to enjoy the appropriate treatment in all areas, such as the accession to the new farming, that is, can enjoy the government to provide a subsidy of 120 yuan, which is another form of income improvement.
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