The adult network has sparked controversy over a global conference on domain name proposals

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Absrtact: Parents can install special software on the computer, and automatically screen the adult website ". XXX" as the domain name to prevent children from inadvertently clicking and browsing.

The global Internet management Agency Internet name and number distribution company (ICANN) is scheduled to meet 12th in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, to discuss whether to set up a dedicated domain name for adult sites to facilitate parents to "isolate" these sites and prevent children from clicking to browse.

The proposal sparked controversy. Opponents believe that a dedicated domain name is tantamount to legalizing adult websites, while the role of protecting young people may be extremely limited.

The proposal was proposed by ICM incorporation in Florida, USA. The company recommends that the Internet name and number distribution company set up ". XXX" for adult website dedicated domain name, with existing generic top-level domain. com. "and". Net ".

Parents will be able to install special software on the computer, automatically shielding the ". XXX" as the domain name of adult sites, to prevent children inadvertently click to browse.

The proposal raises questions and objections from many people. Some anti-adult web sites say that a dedicated domain name for such sites is tantamount to legalizing them.

Opponents say that, given that the proposal does not impose a ". xxx" domain name on adult websites, it may be difficult to achieve shielding effects by using specialized software. In addition, because the domain name is only the website digital address "alias", even if the parent successfully isolates ". XXX" domain name, the child may also type the digital address to browse the adult website.

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