The advent of a new era: cloud computing becomes a trend

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Some of today's companies rely on their internal IT infrastructure to take control of the company without having to rely on third-party vendors, eliminating the need to sign long-term contracts. Others, on the other hand, choose to outsource and move work environments to the cloud. However, the outsourcing of IT work to cloud computing providers is likely to result in complications. This is why the basic reason why enterprises must be cautious when signing a contract is why. Technology replacement is very fast, so enterprises in the choice of cloud computing providers, we must find out whether this supplier can keep up with technological changes.

Another concern that cloud computing deserves is security. Therefore, for small businesses, it is important to choose a suitable supplier. Cloud computing providers need the industry record, and through the client's reference or certification to demonstrate the maturity of its technology. For businesses, it is best to have a trial before the long-term contract is finally signed. After you've tried it, your business can determine if the provider's service meets the company's standards. A legitimate, experienced supplier will agree to this condition. In general, businesses must be able to compare the performance of cloud computing software with the goals set. This is not good for the business if the supplier's services do not meet the set goals.

Small businesses that decide to own and manage their own IT equipment may think such a decision will not harm the company. It failed to realize that these devices and their components will slowly deteriorate over time, causing system crashes or delays. If the business has remote users and other field offices, this can create even bigger problems. Regardless of these, companies will invest more to upgrade equipment and increase redundancy, and may even hire additional IT support staff. A few years later the new equipment will devalue and damage, thus forming a cycle.

Entrepreneurs choose cloud computing services to make better forecasts of IT budgets. Often, it will take up a large portion of the company's budget, not only expensive equipment, but also the cost of late maintenance and upgrades. Upgrades, security threats, unexpected system crashes often cost a lot of money. With the advent of cloud computing, all these IT capital investments and costs are borne by third-party vendors. The owner of a business is only budgeting for the monthly fee for each user of the system. In addition, there is no need to budget for future TI needs, and cloud computing providers will be deployed when necessary.

Cloud computing simplifies the budget. Business owners do not have to worry about merged projects or complex expansion because he only needs to pay for the resources the company uses. In addition, as the number of users decreases, the cost of cloud computing will also decrease. The process of purchasing, installing, managing and protecting traditional IT may be a vicious circle, which contradicts the goal of reducing duplication of expenditure. Cloud computing services and resources will only be used when needed, which will greatly reduce the duplication of expenses, so that companies can adapt to the evolving market conditions.

With cloud computing, businesses will be better able to handle uncertainties. If you invest a lot of money on IT, the company will be exposed to greater risk. Due to growing demand, many companies over-investment in TI, eventually leading to increased costs, TI management / maintenance of greater uncertainty. Cloud computing vendors reduce the uncertainty and cost of the enterprise over internal IT systems such as IT support, security, backup, and hardware. As a result, business owners do not have to focus more on purchasing, managing, and upgrading TI devices and can focus their energy on researching growth opportunities without the uncertainty associated with significant capital expenditures.

Cloud computing also reduces energy consumption because businesses have less IT equipment. The IT server needs to run at a specific temperature. When a company decides to use cloud computing services, energy consumption will be reduced and bill data will also be smaller. Because those expensive IT equipment will be moved to a security, surveillance, disaster relief IT center.

When there is a problem in the field of IT, the efficiency of the staff will be affected. With cloud computing, employees can work anytime, anywhere. They can work from home and access via internet connection. Travel time and cost significantly reduced, and even increased employee morale. Those who are allowed access to the software can seek support from the cloud computing vendor team in the event of a problem. Management can monitor the activities of each employee remotely through the management console provided by the vendor.

Large multinationals have moved to cloud computing because it is less expensive, more efficient and more flexible than traditional IT systems. Therefore, SMEs must follow suit. If the cloud can meet these large enterprises, it can also meet the SMEs. Cloud computing has become a trend, cloud computing era is not far away.

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