The agricultural electricity trader cannot escape the price war

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Agricultural products are just a subcategory of the food category, because of its special product attributes and supply chain requirements in the operating mode and the common food is very different, in all products of the retail industry, food is quality, storage, transport requirements higher commodity, because it and people's physical and mental health is closely related. Http:// "The development of > Food electric business has been relatively mature. A shop, Cofco I bought the net is the forerunner of the Food electric business, and the real rise of agricultural electricity business is in 2013 years. General category, vertical food dealers because of main products there are large differences in the operating mode of differentiation, but also in the trend towards homogenization.

In addition to the COFCO I bought a net, a number of shops outside, to the original Life network, Tuo tuo industry and so on behalf of the agricultural products electric Dealer rapid rise, the reason for the two as a representative of agricultural products, mainly because its main products are mainly agricultural and fresh, although the site also sells other products, such as mother and child, cereals and oils, snack food, But the platform itself takes agricultural products as a strategic weapon to achieve differentiation from other integrated platforms. After more than a year of gestation, the concept of agricultural products is gradually recognized and accepted by the market, more and more enterprises see the business opportunities of agricultural products, in succession, in addition to electric business enterprises, producers of agricultural products, traditional agricultural products, retailers and so on to catch up with the electric dealer's downwind, strategic cooperation, Brand entered and other forms of cooperation with the electric business enterprises; Tuo Tuo workers, the original Life network and other vertical types of agricultural products dot spread the model of the platform is also constantly being imitated and innovation, resulting in the agricultural electric dealers have appeared homogenization trend.

A number of agricultural products in the electric business platform involved in the product, although there are differences, but in the operation of agricultural products there are basically the following modes: First, the origin of direct supply, this way is mainly to achieve the product from the origin to the consumer directly between the provision, without excessive processing links, intended to maintain the original characteristics of the product; According to the needs of consumers, planning the corresponding agricultural products inventory, combined into a product package, consumers buy the product package, the regular supply of products to consumers, and the cycle of the mode of purchase similar. Third, the "landlord plan", agricultural products, electric business enterprises to choose the planting land, after technical transformation, so that it meets the requirements of organic, consumers purchase the right to use the corresponding land, you can grow the appropriate products on the land, the use of products to consumers all, enterprises to provide day-to-day maintenance services;

In the above three models, the first and third are exclusive, but this exclusivity is relative, any agricultural electric business enterprises can not obtain the same area of the entire product supply right, so, all the above models are able to be imitated. BEIJING-East recently signed a cooperation agreement with a number of agricultural production bases around the city to promote the right to speak in the field of agricultural products. Other electric dealers such as I buy a net, a shop, Tuo Tuo, etc. are around the fresh, direct supply of origin, "landlord plan" and so on to carry out the competition.

agricultural products rich enough, but also the electric business should quickly enter the field, only in the operation mode to actively explore the path of differentiation, in each enterprise gradually homogenization, supply chain are immature background, the price will become the main way of competition; for new entrants, In front of the price knife has no strong competitive advantage, only in the product design innovation, to get the development of space.

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