The alternative opening path of magic Bean router for universal app

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Last week, the Magic Bean router launched a Modourom app under the development version of the operating system, and officials explained that by modifying the configuration files under the Universal app, users can quickly build their own applications. This means that the Beanstalk router is starting to open up its own APIs and introduce Third-party developers. In fact, this is the intelligent routers have been mentioned the ecological circle construction: By intelligent routers to create an open platform, the introduction of Third-party developers to provide users with a variety of plug-in applications, through the rich Plug-ins, smart routers can get more users, but also for developers to bring greater benefits. So far, the pole route, millet router and other intelligent router manufacturers are also rich in plug-in applications to spend a lot of effort. However, due to the restrictions on the various powers have not fully liberalized, so the results are not significant. Huangdong, founder of the Magic Bean router, says the universal app is relatively open, and most importantly, for developers, Plug-ins can appear directly on the user's router screen, something other smart routers cannot. It is understood that the Magic Bean router app developers only need to upload their own plug-ins on the network, users download in the Geek mode after the successful upload, you can use the plug-in. Huangdong introduced, at present in the Magic bean community, there are many users will write code, began to write a variety of small plug-ins. "As plug-ins become more and more, the Magic bean router will become more and more fun." ”
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