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In our SEO this circle, many people have no goal, no idea to do SEO keyword rankings, even if some people can do it, but the real value is not satisfactory, for people who do not come up, not to mention the value of the problem, then do SEO how to do?

Here are some suggestions for qlmed to do SEO work:

The first step is to analyze your industry's key words is very necessary, according to the actual situation of the keyword heat, decide the key words or long tail words. We do SEO industry, a considerable part of the success of SEO, every day will go to analyze keywords and mining new target keywords, in the keyword analysis on the spend a lot of time, keyword analysis is a very important SEO work, can help us to dig more new keywords. For example, Baidu's search list, Baidu statistics and so on. Many are in our SEO work can play a key role in the excellent tools.

Once wanted to do the word weight loss, although the value of this keyword is not expensive, but also very confident that the word weight loss to do up, but Qlmed finally decided to give up the decisive, why?

The following talk about the industry competition analysis, qlmed not to appeal to everyone not to heat the word, but according to their own conditions to decide what words to do, I am so to analyze the word weight loss, only for your reference. Weight loss Baidu Daily search volume of about 8000IP, although this number is not as hot as Baidu search the list of heat words, but weight loss the word competition is too much to surprise me, the first query to do weight loss of the site is probably Ibedovan, from this data, qlmed think it is very high, Then qlmed analysis of the next Baidu home and the second page of the situation, the first home of the approximate sort for the slim men and women, the chain reached 100,000, the site structure is also relatively good, but also more than seven years old domain name, want to surpass him?

Ranking in the home page also has Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Bar, Sina, such as high weight sites, and from the content of these sites, these high weights of the station is also very important value of the word. Qlmed give up the reason: spend time and energy than good analysis and find some new industry words to do, this can reduce the burden and can get and do weight loss as well as the value effect, why not?

To improve the site keyword ranking, in the determination of key words and do outside the chain premise, must ensure that the site's infrastructure problems. For example, the code concise, the structure of the chain and so on to optimize the site to achieve better keyword optimization results, of course, do keyword ranking and links to bring the absolute factors, the details of the problem qlmed do not do a detailed explanation of the smooth quantitative add outside the chain. is to get keyword ranking important way!

Qlmed once did a new station, not included before, every day for this site to add 1 to 3 outside the chain, in the eighth day, the site's main keyword ranking in Baidu reached 27. On the 6th day I continued steadily to add the outer chain, Baidu ranked first, this phenomenon, qlmed is considered to be smooth and the quality of the chain to bring the absolute factors, so qlmed recommended to add even if the number of daily less, but a smooth daily add links, this way to do SEO ranking than that, A period of time plus countless outside the chain of the site, the effect of a lot of good!

Of course, in our keyword SEO keyword ranking do come up, the most important also need us to regularly to maintain and update, so that can be the most successful SEO to do the most value!

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