"The ancient Century" free naval warfare operation becomes the selling point

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(compilation/Small Hee) before the second Test of public video of the "Ancient century" is to earn enough of the player's appetite, the new naval warfare, in the Major BBS, are players relish the topic.  and Korea Games website This is game the interview with the project leader of the ancient century also solved some small secrets of the new naval warfare.  Q: We are really curious about the concept of naval warfare, can you introduce it?  A: After the video is open, many players say that it can really be as free as the video of the naval operation, many people are skeptical, here to say first, the video is a demo experience, the real game can certainly be free in the video battle operation.  And the capacity of the ship is not limited to naval warfare, it can make transportation, can also be a trade tool, more can be moored fishing boats in the sea.  Q: Two test, the ship's style can also be customized? A: In the two test, the appearance of three basic Hull will be released.  Players can decorate their boats with their own preferences, such as flower boats, pirate ships, and so on.  Q: Seen in the video, the ship and water are interacting, this can be said? A: Song in Beijing, producers have repeatedly stressed that in the game to restore the most real ocean, so in the game, it must be the interaction between the ship and water. For example, encounter downwind days, the flow of acceleration, the boat is moving fast, contrary to the wind day.  This effect can be achieved through the physical engine in the game.  Q: So how to carry out the hull operation? A: This will be the player to play their own experience slightly. But can reveal a little, hull operation is mainly rely on the keyboard, want to operate a good ship, is not an easy thing, need to understand the operation of the essentials.  If the understanding is not good, it is a really troublesome thing. For example, control the sail, adjust the height of the sail, can make the ship's speed or slow. The use of the visual angle of the transfer can also make the cannon aiming degree to be changed.  Therefore, we must study hard to understand the truth. More information please pay attention to play game Network (Edit/Ming)

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