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(This article is published in the "IT Manager World" September 5, 2013 issue)

It is an indisputable fact that home electrical business is difficult to develop. I nearly a year ago used the "online can not get down, offline" to describe the plight of the development of home electric business. A year has passed and the deadlock seems to have been largely unchanged.

There are many reasons for the industry to explain the development of household electrical appliances, such as furniture goods online difficult to experience and so on. But it seems to me that these reasons may all have stages, which is actually a classic question of whether a chicken or an egg is first.

Why is home electrical business difficult to develop? Because there are not enough consumers to buy household goods online. Home consumers do not buy the reason, because the online sale of household goods of the ecological environment has not yet been built, such as the lack of on-line sales of goods after the distribution installation service system, such as the offline experience system is imperfect, and so on, and home goods online sales of the ecological environment is one of the main reasons There is not enough household goods consumers online shopping, so that enterprises do not have enough power to continue to promote and improve the development of domestic merchandise sales ecological environment.

This is the classic chicken-egg paradox.

We from a new point of view to analyze the slow development of household electrical appliances, thus opening another door to accelerate the development of household electrical appliances: Home electrical manufacturers. Although we firmly believe that the first egg is not a chicken, but we also believe that through efforts to promote the early appearance of the first egg.

We believe that we can increase the flow of Internet users to promote the development of home electric business.

As we all know, home decoration consumption is a very special process: the frequency is extremely low, may spend a lifetime not several times, the consumption process is long, generally will have more than 3 months, the expense is high, is a big expense to the majority family, has the influence to the quality of life, the home improvement quality to a large extent directly affects the family life quality.

But it is such an extremely important consumer item, but also has the disturbing characteristic, that is the home improvement process to catch many traps many, and the household commodity price bubble big quality is difficult to break good or bad. The main reason is the information asymmetry in the process of home decoration consumption.

I am in the "home electric business channel marketing chain Analysis" in the article analysis that: "The user net buys, is because the net has the home building material product sale, but more importantly, is because the Internet has provided the rich home building material commodity information, has provided can and other has the same demand the Netizen mutual exchange space. In a word, the Internet for home building materials users to provide them with the necessary decoration shopping guide information. ”

The internet is expanding the connotation and extension of the marketing system of household industry. The change of the extension is simply manifested in the change of sales channel and mode, and the change of intension refers to the fundamental change of the marketing mode. Network Marketing will be home building materials marketing links from the traditional sales and after-sales service to extend the provision of home decoration Shopping Guide information, this is the Internet for household goods marketing in the marketing model of the fundamental changes.

Therefore, the impact of the traditional channels of home appliances, not only in sales. In fact, through the provision of home decoration Shopping Guide information and the accurate flow of household goods upstream control, is the traditional home sales system poses the biggest crisis.

The internet provides the home decoration consumption and the front purchase information of the household commodity to break the many information asymmetry in the decoration consumption process, so that the decoration consumption tends to be transparent. This is the electric dealer to the traditional home decoration consumption revolution. Therefore, I put forward the concept of "home improvement flow Entrance", and think that this is the future strategic commanding heights of domestic industry competition.

Home improvement is based on consumer demand, the full use of the Internet technology and information integration means, for home decoration consumers to provide systematic and effective decoration information, and the whole process of consumption for the system optimization, to create the internet era of home furnishings consumption process.

Home Improvement electric business is to solve many problems of home decoration consumption online. But home appliances are not only the solution to solve the problem of consumption, it should also include household goods sales, that is, including household electrical appliances. This is the home appliances and household electrical business and the relationship between the difference.

First of all, the home improvement process to a certain extent determines the consumption of household goods. For example, the design of home furnishings basically determines the grade and style of household goods consumption. We know, home decoration consumption in a more important link is the decoration Design effect chart, which not only contains the interior design style and many other elements, but also the basic decision of various types of building materials and the general style of goods, even including a full set of furniture products.

As for the decoration design drawing in the traditional home decoration process on the sale of household goods is another matter. In the process of loading electricity at home, the role of this function is much more important to be able to feel.

Second, home appliances are sales of household goods accurate flow of the entrance. If you are a home improvement consumer, you need to search the Internet for decoration information, you will sell furniture or sell building materials net? Or the last dedicated site to decorate it?

The concept of accurate flow entrance is here. The essential difference between home electrical appliances and household electric dealers is also here: the precise positioning of the function.

Often home electrical business also often has the function: for example, decoration Company and designer display, house information, online installation bidding, and so on, looks similar to the function of the electrical appliances. However, home appliances with family features is not a household electrical supplier. Often home electric business has the function of home furnishings, the purpose is for household goods sales to flow, but can not play a role in the flow of the portal. The precise location of the website is one reason, the business logic structure of the website is the other reason

Home electric business is to build the flow of household electricity importers, but also from the overall consumer purchase behavior system control.

Finally, the home improvement electric business is to the entire home furnishings consumption process thorough transformation. We say that the process of household decoration consumption of a lot of price bubbles, home electric business is only to solve a link in the decoration or bubble problems, such as the United States Lele squeezed the price of furniture bubbles, to the net to go apart from some building materials prices bubble. But the home furnishings consumer needs is the home installs the consumer whole electric quotient solution, but the home electric dealer just caters to this most essential demand.

Home appliances is a completely different from the existing household electricity business model, it should be in the strategic positioning of the business, Web site structure, business logic, information integration and the latest application of 3D technology, are the existing home electric business innovation and breakthrough.

We look forward to the arrival of home electric business era.

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