The average real return on the venture board is nearly 5 times times that of deep venture investment

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An industry agency 8th released the news that, since the 2009 gem set up three years of data statistics, VC/PE institutions in the gem in the three-year cumulative set of 3.703 billion yuan, the average book investment return of 7.65 times times, as of October 30, the average actual return on investment 4.93 times times the average annual rate of return 42.4%. Among them, Shenzhen Innovation investment Project Gem after the IPO to reduce the most active VC/PE institutions. According to statistics, since October 30, 2009, Shenzhen Innovation has invested as many as 20 investment projects Landing Gem IPO, the average book investment return 6.73 times times, the average actual return on investment 4.73 times times, average annual yield of 55.6%. 7 of these projects through the reduction of the implementation of the partial exit, the 7 projects average book return up to 11.01 times times, Shenzhen innovation investment by reducing the cumulative set of 331 million yuan, the average real investment return of about 7.39 times times, the average IRR of about 75.4%.  Among them, the letter-dimensional communication (300136.SZ), as its IPO project, brings 111.3% annual rate of return for Shenzhen innovation investment. According to statistics, the average book return on investment, with China venture investment by virtue of the South large photoelectric (300346.SZ) 75.37 times times the return on the average book return to the top, mainly because of its investment cycle is longer, about 5.66 years, investment costs less than 1 yuan/share, and the first-tier market valuation higher;  Tsinghua Science Park, 59.7 times times the success of the second ranked. The average actual return on investment, with 56.85 times times the average real return, to create the highest average real return on the gem; The Soviet investment ranked second, and the average actual return was 50.26 times times.  In addition, the "digital video", which is invested by the fund of "enlightened Ventures", is 93.37 times times the highest level of real return. Average annual rate of return, ZTE invested only 1.7 years of Bader (300322.SZ) in less than two years to achieve a premium of 445.7%, so that the agency to 170.5% per cent of the average annual rate of return ranked first; Zhejiang creative investment and trillion star venture investment 162.2% Score two or three. Single investment in the annual rate of return, "light One technology" behind the other VC/PE agency "Huijin Cubic Capital" of the annual return rate of 312%.
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