The bank's year-end credit line is tight, saying lenders will wait for next year

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The big banks have denied the November "brakes on lending" but the credit line is running out yesterday, with reports that credit has continued to grow more rapidly in early November, following a Better-than-expected credit crunch in October, amid fears that it could lead to tougher austerity measures. Yesterday, the reporter called some large banks to prove that the other side denied the above rumors.  At the same time, the reporter learned that the year-end credit line tightening situation intensified, some banks have exhausted the annual quota, "lending to wait until next year."  This report (text/table reporter Liang) near the end of November, the market's focus on credit data has warmed up. Yesterday, there was market news that, in early November, the situation of "steal the brakes", the state-owned large banks, the new credit has reached more than 200 billion yuan, close to the normal situation of the total monthly delivery, some of the former joint-stock banks in November the first half of the credit volume has exceeded October all month  October this year, the whole industry added RMB 587.8 billion yuan loans, higher than market expectations. December may be no loan can be calculated at this rate, 7.5 trillion of the total amount of credit in the year is likely to be broken at the end of this month, the December may be the problem of stagnation in credit.  According to the total size of the year 7.5 trillion, in November and December only 320 billion yuan in the monthly credit increment space. Reporters yesterday to China's industrial and Commercial Bank of the Public Relations Office to verify the news, the department responsible for this reporter said that ICBC's November credit increase is still in accordance with the original plan, and strict approval. "We have never been able to finish the credit ahead of time, and this month's credit growth will not affect the December credit crunch," he said.  The director said.  The reporter then called CCB, the head of the Bank of China headquarters, said the other side, the credit growth in November to maintain a normal state, and denied the December new credit plan was affected by rumors.  The reason why some banks ' lending momentum in November has been unabated as a result of the company's tight tightening of early lending is a worry that credit lines could shrink sharply next year. Guangdong Securities and banking analyst Mu Hua to our reporter analysis, companies worried about the credit crunch next year ahead of the loan plan to ease the possible financial strains next year. In addition, as the market entered the interest rate hike cycle, asset prices rose rapidly, early loans for enterprises to save financial costs.  Banks, on the other hand, want to push for more credit lines next year by sprinting through credit scales. Shan, an international analyst at the bank, told reporters that credit growth has been too fast since October, and it may be related to the three-quarter-year period when the pressure on loan-to-deposit is relatively relaxed.
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