The basic drug policy is adjusting to large-scale intensification in the leading direction

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Rumors of a major adjustment to the basic drug policy were finally confirmed at the time of November 9, when the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Health and the National Drug Administration issued a joint "guidance on accelerating structural adjustment in the pharmaceutical Sector" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"). "The major varieties of basic drugs in the market share of the top 20 enterprises should be more than 80%" is officially written in the three departments issued jointly signed documents. Industry insiders generally believe that 20 production enterprises accounted for 80% of the market share, if the scheme is really implemented in place, its role is tantamount to "fixed-point production", which will inevitably promote the basic pharmaceutical industry to large-scale, intensive development.  In addition, because the "opinion" also requires "pharmaceutical hundred enterprises sales revenue accounted for more than 50% of the total industry sales", then, the pharmaceutical industry hundred enterprises concentration will be boosted by the government to improve nearly 10%, the pharmaceutical industry will now be a new round of mergers and acquisitions opportunities. Basic drug supply return concentration "' The first 20 enterprises accounted for more than 80% of the market share of" the request, and we have suggested that the basic drugs ' fixed-point production ' scheme although there are differences, but still return to the large-scale, intensive production. We believe that this will help to ensure the quality and safety of essential medicines and to promote the implementation of electronic regulatory codes for essential drugs.  "A marketing researcher at a large state-controlled pharmaceutical group said to reporters in the south. It is understood that the basic drugs "fixed-point production" in fact, in the medical reform plan for advice has long been included in the scope of discussion, due to some objections to the use of enterprises, in the near future because of the basic drug system in the process of the various difficulties encountered, the industry has reappeared to improve the supply of basic drug production, the voice of the basic drug system will return to "  The news of fixed-point production was once rumors in the industry. South reporters from the Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, November 9 released the "opinion" in fact, more than one months ago has been enacted, late one months external release, mainly in the three-door sign and the central agreement.  "Opinion" basically for the upcoming pharmaceutical industry "Twelve-Five planning" laid the keynote, the basic drug policy has been basically clear, that is, to large-scale, intensive development. Based on the opinion, it promotes the merger and reorganization of the basic pharmaceutical production enterprises, to promote the production of basic drugs to the dominant enterprises, the former researcher believes that this reform of the idea in fact, in Anhui Province, the basic drug tender has been reflected in the future of the basic pharmaceutical enterprises in the large-scale competition will intensify, shortlisted for the basic drugs of small enterprises only by walking fine refinement  and differentiated routes, we can retain a certain share in the 20% base drug market. The pharmaceutical industry hundred concentration degree will increase 10% according to the plan of the opinion, this round of the pharmaceutical industry structure adjustment cycle is five years. Yu, president of China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, said to the South reporters that the objectives exist to achieve the basis: "In fact, the current pharmaceutical enterprises in the integration of resources and structural adjustment has been staged, this is mainly the market endogenous power to promote, the guidance of the introduction, will play a role in the push."It is expected that the three ministries will be followed by the next safeguard measures, in order to truly promote the restructuring of the industry, and to cultivate strategic emerging industries to prepare.  Yu said.  As for the "opinion", "the pharmaceutical hundred enterprises sales revenue accounted for more than 50% of the sales income of the whole industry" five-year plan, Yu that the pharmaceutical business has actually achieved the above goal, but the industry hundred enterprises, if the single enterprise endogenous development, within five years to achieve still have some difficulties. "At present, China's pharmaceutical industry hundred enterprises in the concentration of about 40%, which means that in five years to increase the 10%." China's pharmaceutical industry output value is expected to reach 1.2 trillion this year, to 25% of the growth rate, five years after the national pharmaceutical industry output value will reach 3 trillion, in this calculation, 50% Is 1.5 trillion, that is to say, China's pharmaceutical industry hundred enterprises on average each of the output value to reach 15 billion yuan, and the current domestic sales of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group has the highest income of more than 13 billion yuan.  "As stated by Ming Tak.  In this regard, Canton Pharmaceutical group general manager Li Chuyuan to reporters, Canton Pharmaceutical Group currently has a merger and reorganization of the plan, hope that the country as soon as possible in the "opinion" on the basis of the introduction of supporting policies. Reporter Ma Jianzhong's
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