The basic features of Project Ara, including the assembly and upgrade of various modules.

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We have previously reported on the basic features of Project Ara, including the assembly and upgrade of various modules, support hot plug, the shell can be 3D printing, completely free and open source and so on. Today, Google released a developer suite on Project Ara's official web site to give some of the modular manufacturing standards to the module makers who can't wait for next week's developer conference.

In the guidance paper, Google reiterates that it is only responsible for making the skeleton of the phone and some of the original modules, and that third parties can manufacture and sell modules without authorization. Project Ara will have "mini", "Medium", "SCM" three types. In theory, larger models can load more modules, but the number of loading modules actually depends on the partitions between the modules, and Google calls them the "rib" and "spine" of Project Ara, which determines the layout of the phone's modules.

In addition to the basic introduction, Google has proposed some common module manufacturing standards, such as how far each module can leave the fuselage, cameras, processors, etc. to be as compatible as possible with more modules. Google currently provides modules for specific manufacturing standards, including WiFi, batteries, chargers, displays, speakers, and a thermal imager. Google claims that the purpose of the modular standard is to ensure that project Ara "smooth, flat, and pebble-like feel". Although Google has set standards for common modules, it also encourages module manufacturers to develop personalized modules that increase the diversity of Project ARA modules.

Not only does Google want Project Ara to be a favorite plaything for geeks, but it also wants to get into the lives of most people. As a result, Google has built-in tools to help users assemble various modules in Project Ara's online module market.

Interested students can download the PDF file for project Ara MDK 0.10. More information about Project Ara Google will be released in April from 14 to 15th, the developer conference, 36 Krypton will follow up, please do not hesitate.

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