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To join a long team has been more than January, in this study gestation period of one months, harvest quite abundant. In the forum also saw a lot of people earn money, but also see a lot of early joined the college slowly lost. For a long time the teacher said the executive force I have been very agree, as soon as the completion of the homework after each class, to do a certain harvest can earn money this sentence, has been the majority of students to verify. But why is there a lot of people doing it and not making any money? Personally, many people do not have the necessary basic quality and ability of the network part-time money. We are below to explore the analysis, I hope to be able to make the net profit or the network to make the project interested in a little inspiration!

Because it was a long time team, I first cut a picture, and then started the discussion on the diagram.



1. The network part-time earners need enough patience, in each new class or VIP class, the teachers have repeatedly stressed that the Executive force. As a newcomer, the simplest requirement is to see the forum of the tutorial area. A long time the teacher did very seriously, the VIP tutorial differentiated into three stages, the first stage is the VIP first stage: SEO methods: Including the following stage VIP Kindergarten-basic knowledge: VIP Primary School Class-seo course, VIP Junior middle class-seo homework, VIP High school class-seo case, VIP University class-money combat, VIP Master Class-Network marketing, VIP Amateur class-Construction station Learning, VIP classic question answer, VIP second stage: the implementation of the project to earn the first bucket of gold, VIP third stage-only members of the elite can enter. In other words, the content is very comprehensive, the points are very thin and very organized, we can look at the beginning. To any person, regardless of level, at least three times to be able to absorb this knowledge into their own things, see three times at least dozens of hours, because there is too much knowledge, and each article is woven into the net, the net to see a post are a long time to open several posts deepen learning. Oh, what is this is what I said to have patience, there is a sense of patience is a post a post to see play, in the time to see your feeling back. From the above two pictures can obviously see, the first is not what patient, full 7 months online time only 27 hours, the second is also 7 months online time 205 hours. Who is more patient, who has more executive power, do not say more. If you insist on learning a knowledge of 205 hours, you may not learn, may not make money?

2. The network part-time earners need to be rational enough to learn to follow people. In a long team but there is a mutual help, there is a very good section is the Master and Apprentice culture, you can in the inside apprentice can also receive the Apprentice, of course, are free. Why do I say to have reason, because this is a learning Exchange team, the light has filled with blood ambition is not good, your reason, your steady to learn to communicate to summarize to implement. In the net earns a team, female comrade is a big bright spot, especially dares to speak in yy female schoolmate, is obtains everybody's favor. Eh, wolf more meat less, female is popular no way, hehe, who let God didn't give me a pair of girls erotic voice. But in my analysis, a long team of several popular women, do not have the first word of patience, their online time is very short and short, we do not have to cover almost say worship her as a teacher worship her or something. To know their site is the elite group of people to help or some cattle to help build, when they talk about bragging, I always keep a skeptical attitude, they have learned how much. Please remain rational, calm down, seriously look at the forum, there are some things there are said, do not hear the sound of beautiful women like to see a fairy yes.

3. Network part-time earners need enough analysis and mining ability, when we read posts, we do not finish the finished, you also look at each person's thread, look at their online time, see them do anchor text connection, and then Baidu, see him in recent months to that propaganda, propaganda strategy is what, Can be absorbed by our own use. Of course, the summary record down, after good often to his station to dig up some new things and new ideas. When we fight ourselves, we can absorb their essence for our own use. NET earning now has not formed very perfect theory and method system, at the same time, it is impossible to maintain the existing theory and methods of long-term unchanged, at present a very realistic problem is that the theory and practice of net earning has not been effectively combined, has formed the basic theory of the aspect has not been in practice to play the role of guidance. Therefore, in the net to earn the actual work, many times need to rely on their own practice to find problems in thinking and summing up.

4. The network part-time money-making people need enough hands-on ability, to go into the net to gain understanding of the various problems, close to the general experience is not enough, but also need their own hands, personally involved in the process of making every aspect of the net. Many times, some problems are not hands-on is difficult to have deep experience, and some problems can only be found by their own hands to find, and find solutions. NET earn in the learning process of their own hands, the more the understanding of the net gain will be more profound. Others help you build stations to help you optimize, is always the knowledge of others, you will not. Even if there is a good ranking, even if you enter the elite group, it can prove what, how much money you earn is the crux of the problem. To make money, you do it yourself. Spring leader said he has more than 1000 stations, I do not doubt, because his execution is too high. And his revenue screenshot is also a good proof.

5. The network of part-time earners need to be thankful enough to always remember to thank those who helped you, but also to actively help the people who turn to you. This is also the last Product manager training to be transferred to the team spirit. Do not think that everything is taken for granted, we must learn to Thanksgiving, so in the future of the net to earn you will go farther, will have more willing to help your friends.

I am the internet to make money rookie, after a little bit of personal experience, but also hope that you predecessors corrections. I come from: hope to communicate with you.

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