The battle for the Open platform of electric commerce is still far away

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A few days ago, the founder of the "Eagle Master" said that Jingdong Mall owed its company nearly million arrears, and for a variety of reasons not to solve the problem of arrears. Last year, "Carving Ye" on its microblog, said that, in view of the Jingdong Mall locked (LIV) backstage, the company involved in the bad sales, the brand officially from Jingdong Mall to withdraw the shop.

Many people are also commenting on the inevitable connection between these two events, or the situation of "being dragged" today because of the wrong team. As Amoy Brand (now renamed as the Cat original) of the brand may be a little helpless, this helplessness in the late 90 Haier, Gree, TCL body has also occurred.

Home appliances manufacturers because Gome, suning and the arrears of taxes and payments have to open a large number of independent stores, although these stores eventually failed to play the role of sales, but has significantly increased the domestic appliance brands in the local service capabilities, so that in the era of E-commerce can still be equal to large channel operators, In addition, the industry concentration degree further strengthens, the brand and the channel form the dynamic equilibrium.

The brand always grows with the channel, the channel pays the huge capital investment to expand in the early stage, the brand obtains the income in it, the channel forms the scale to obtain the income from the brand merchant to become a virtuous cycle business model.

There is no exception to the electricity quotient.

Taobao in its own development process, from the operation and marketing strength of the original sales of fake goods, imitation or tail goods sellers, cultivated hundreds of "Amoy brand" into the market, through their growth to promote the traditional line under the big brand into its platform, so that Taobao Mall has been rapid development, So that the procurement of the way the Business-to-consumer in the process of expanding the category to feel great pressure, this pressure to accelerate the construction of the open platform for the Beijing-east, for the emerging open platform, how to attract more consumer favorite brand has become the focus, then a strong electric operators and marketing capabilities of Amoy brand naturally become the focus of development on the like , which was also adopted at the earliest Mai-Lam open platform strategy, because the user size and sales size of the company was too small, so there was not much conflict.

Can be different from the Beijing-east, its pop open platform for the development of the speed of the debt in this situation, it is clearly not to despise, after all, the operation of the east is not a long time.

But as a die-hard "Amoy brand", Taobao will naturally want to do a variety of ways to let brand manufacturers do not repeat the end of 90 that "channel business and brand dynamic Balance", with my words: "Consumers are buying brands, not buy channels", channels can only rely on more and more credibility and quality of the brand can continue to grow and develop, Amoy Brand Amoy is also due to the strong status of Taobao itself, in the policy formulation and support of resources increasingly to the traditional international brand tilt, it seems that the traditional department store does not have much difference (although Ma often said in the establishment of a new business civilization). So Taobao to support the development of Amoy brand not only failed to gain more support and increase in Taobao gradually, but everywhere by the traditional brand of the cat, like the early "Taobao first shop," said the "Lemon green tea" has been Taobao repeatedly seized, and now almost disappear!

So not only is Liv began to enter the traditional department stores to open the physical stores, and the speed is very fast; second, Han are clothing homes, and other clothing Amoy brands in 2011 and 2012 to increase the expansion of the offline entity shop, at the same time to QQ online shopping, Jingdong, Suning easy to buy, Amazon's B2B2C or the open platform of the company to open the shop, part of the effort to build their own independent or community (like Nana Shop cosmetics Amoy Brand), hope to be able to through these ways with Taobao, Cat's store to form a balance between sales and risk. such as the Korean clothing in the end of 2012 in Shandong began to open an independent brand stores.

After all, in these Amoy brand seems to be able to compete with Taobao, CAT network channels have not yet appeared, while the traditional department store strength and influence Taobao, Cat's power can not touch, perhaps this approach can form a better "channel dynamic balance."

Just as the BoE, the procurement of the business practices, the continuous extension of the account period so that it does not quickly increase the volume of sales, the hope that through the Amoy brand to develop clearly unrealistic. On the one hand, we need to adjust the checkout method and cycle, improve the service level of merchants, on the other hand, Liu seems to be aware of this, at the beginning of this year to vigorously support and develop the "Beijing brand" as a pop platform strategic focus. The second is for the F2C brand and the traditional international brand competition will be further white-hot.

Perhaps in the centralization of the electricity business Channel, as representatives of the new business civilization, should be a profound reflection, do not go back to the old commercial civilization in the course of the development process, to squeeze brand merchants to gain their own benefits, otherwise in the electric power channels of the old channel of life, there will be a new channel out of your life!

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