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Over the weekend, the traditional router overlord TP its brand Mercury released a 96 Yuan AC1200 router, directed at the wind of the Internet manufacturers, especially the so-called cost-effective first 360 security routes. Two router seems to be the same hardware configuration, but not afraid of not discerning the goods than goods, TP Mercury Mac 1200R router and 360 safe route which is more cost-effective? Let's take a look at the solution. The following figure is a comparison of the TP Mercury Mac 1200R Router on the Jingdong sales page (click to view (94 people interested)) and the product is described in detail in several ways. Then the author from the design, workmanship, cost, heat dissipation effect, coverage, wireless performance and so on several aspects of TP Mercury Mac 1200R router and 360 safe route comparison. Need to explain, because TP Mercury MAC1200R and 360 safe Route two are adopted Qualcomm Enterprise chip scheme, and Millet route mini chip scheme using MTK 7620A and the two have obvious differences, the cost advantage is not obvious, so I do not compare. From the outside packaging, Mercury mac1200r packaging design is more conventional, in addition to routers, power supplies, manuals, no other accessories. The product does not need to install, the direct erection can. The design of the four antennas is still very pleasant. TP Mercury MAC1200R Router at the bottom of the cooling hole. Comparison of 360 safe routes (Jingdong snapped page): 360 Safe route of the outer packaging design, although like a small lunch box, but the overall use of white plastic materials, the overall simple and crisp. 360 Secure Routing product complete package as shown above. In the package, 360 safe route for the first time to purchase the router's users, but also deliberately added a network cable. Hardware design first, the author here only contrasts the hardware circuit design. Because the hardware design is the foundation of the router, the main chip and RF circuit are chosen, which determines the performance and stability of the product to a large extent. Hardware Circuit Comparison table list: From the Hardware configuration table, the two biggest difference is the number of ports (network port) and Flash ROM on both points. Port, the 360 safe route is 1WAN+2LAN,TP Mercury mac 1200R is 1wan+4lan, more than two LAN port, and the actual use of wireless routers mainly through wireless WiFi connection with the device, the LAN port is basically idle, so, more than 2 LAN Kou I think the actual significance is not significant. The difference in IFLASH ROM is more critical, especially for smart routers. FLASH ROM small means that the router operating system will be very small and simple, otherwise not fit, this will limit the function and scalability of the router's operating system. The 360 secure routed Flash ROM is 32m,tp Mercury mac 1200R is a 8m,360 safe route. As can be seen from both sides of the product description, 360 secure routing provides a large number of security and intelligent control functions, while TP Mercury Mac 1200R is rare. TP Mercury Mac 1200R Router internal Vs 360 secure routing inside in addition, after the disassembly can be seen, Two routes are designed in 2.4G RF circuit external PA (Power amplifier) and LNA (low noise), can improve wireless transceiver performance at the same time, and in the 5G part of the use of integrated FEM components (integrated PA and LNA), which is also a necessary design, because the 5G part because the wavelength is relatively short, the wall is inherently weak , it is necessary to enhance the wireless performance of such components. As mentioned earlier, the 360 secure route is richer in functionality, so need to be equipped with large capacity 16MB flash, and for the system security and stability, plus a piece of 16M Flash, so as to avoid the system crash products brick, this dual system design in the industry is still the first to see, fully consider the upgrade risk. Hardware work in addition to the design itself, the product's work is also at present consumers are very concerned about the part of a rough product is difficult to create a high expectations, and will enhance the use of its quality assurance in the process of concern. Therefore, the author will be compared from the following points: 1. PCB work is a 360 safe route features, the main board process using the industry's more advanced immersion gold technology. Gold immersion technology in the router industry is now very rarely used, mainly because of the high cost, in the industry boss TP, Link, and so on, from the price of the router companies have chosen OSP process of the motherboard. Immersion Gold plate technology is mainly in the surface technology using gold-bearing technology, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, electrical connection performance compared to OSP technology is much better. Turn on the 360 secure route and the Mercury Mac 1200R router, we can clearly contrast to the PCB material differences bring a sense of grade. Mercury Mac 1200R Router Board details: 360 Secure routing Board details:
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