The Beijing Olympic Games is not the most expensive Olympics

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Today, the Audit Commission announced the "Beijing Olympic Games financial revenue and expenditure and Olympic venues construction project tracking audit results." Since the second half of 2005, the audit of the financial revenue and expenditure of the Beijing Olympic Games and the construction of Olympic venues have been followed up and audited by the Olympic Committee on the final accounts of the Olympic Games and the final accounts of the project.  In response to the audit results of the relevant situation, the Audit Office Fixed Assets Investment Division responsible comrades received a reporter's interview, answered the reporter asked the relevant questions.  Reporter: The significance of National audit in the process of organizing Olympic Games and building Olympic venues? A: The Olympic Games is the world's largest and highest level sporting event, attracting worldwide attention. China's first time to become the host country of the Olympic Games, not only the National people placed great expectations, but also aroused the international community's universal attention. It is of great significance to promote the all-round development of China's society and economy, to establish the image of Chinese government and to enlarge its international influence. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games, the State Council specially convened a standing meeting, instructed to resolutely implement the Olympic policy of thrift, not only to meet the needs of the Olympic Games, but also thrift, strictly luxury waste, and emphasize the law to strengthen the use of funds and construction  The audit of the financial revenue and expenditure of the Olympic Games can give full play to the independence of the national audit, the advantages of higher social trust, to promote the Beijing Olympic Committee and related departments sound system, improve measures, standardize management, to ensure the smooth holding of the Beijing Olympics, so that the international establishment of a good image played a positive role in promoting.  Reporter: Olympic Games audit's guiding ideology and main goal? A: Tracking audit closely around the party Central Committee, the State Council put forward the "Clean Olympic Games, thrift to run the Olympics" policy, always to "serve the Olympics, protect the Olympics" as the overall guiding ideology, audit in accordance with the law, emphasis on prevention, service to the Olympics.  The main objectives of the audit are three: first, through the audit of the Olympic Committee's financial revenue and expenditure, to understand the overall scale of the Olympic Committee, to the real, legal, effective as a constraint, to promote its "sound system, improve measures, strengthen management" to standardize and guarantee the effective use of Olympic funds.  Second, through the Olympic Games venues and related facilities of the audit or audit investigation, to promote the project management departments and construction units to effectively perform their duties, strengthen management, timely, Thrifty, high-quality completion of the venue construction task.  Third, timely inform BOCOG and relevant departments of the situation, reflect the problem, put forward suggestions to promote the establishment of an efficient Olympic organization and management system to ensure the success of the preparations for the Olympic Games.  Reporter: Olympic audit How to organize the implementation of the overall? A: BOCOG is a specialized agency approved by the State Council to organize the preparatory work for the Beijing Olympic Games. At the same time, the Beijing Olympic Games a total of 36 new and rebuilt venues, independent Training Hall and national team training base of 66, a total of 102 Olympic projects. In view of the high level of organization of the Olympic Games and the characteristics of many venues, the overall arrangement of Olympic audit is as follows: to the Beijing Olympic CommitteeThe financial revenue and expenditure, by the Audit Commission Direct audit, the national sports Taste National Swimming Center and other landmark projects, all from the central investment is the State administration of Sport 41 Olympic projects, as well as the Ministry of Education, the original defense of the university construction of 5 venues, the audit committee directly organized;  The other projects shall be audited by the local audit authorities at the project location according to the unified deployment of the Audit Commission.  Reporter: Olympic Games track audit implementation, the effect, whether to achieve the expected goals? A: Since the second half of 2005, the Audit Office of the Beijing Olympic Games financial revenue and expenditure and Olympic venues to carry out the entire process of follow-up audit, in the Olympic Committee's financial revenue and expenditure tracking audit, the organizing committee's financial budget, important matters organization and expenditure of the track and inspection, based on help to strengthen the enhance coordination, improve efficiency and effectiveness.  In the track and audit of venue construction, from the time limit, quality, safety, investment control and the use of funds and other aspects of the project to carry out a comprehensive inspection, found that the issue of timely recommendations, and follow-up inspection by the audit unit rectification, to promote the project management departments and construction units to effectively perform their duties, strengthen management, on time, durability to complete Our country first undertakes this kind of large-scale sports competition, no mature experience can be used for reference, in the organization and venue construction process, the audit found that the Beijing Organizing Committee in some departments of the management problems, the construction and management of stadiums and other circumstances, the Olympic Committee, the State Administration of Sport, the Beijing municipal government departments and units attach great importance to the audit raised questions,  Timely take effective measures to rectify, improve the relevant management system, strengthen supervision and inspection, and according to audit recommendations to adjust project activity plan, compressed expenditure, CERs part of the project settlement price, saving money.  Overall, the tracking audit can be corrected with the trial, the effect is obvious, the result is good, to track the audit expectations, to ensure the successful preparation and convening of the Olympic Games.  Reporter: Is the Beijing Olympic Games the "most expensive" Olympic games? A: According to the rules of the previous Olympic Games, the expenses related to hosting the Olympic Games can be divided into two parts: the host city's input to the Olympic Games and the organizing committee's running budget of two parts. First of all, the host city input mainly includes the construction, the transformation undertakes the city infrastructure and the Olympic venues construction expense, this part investment will play the benefit for a long time. Secondly, the operating budget of BOCOG is divided into two categories: income and expenditure. Revenue mainly includes the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee organization's Market Development income, ticket income, franchise merchandise income, as well as commemorative coins, stamps, assets disposal and other income; expenditure refers to the organization, reception and operation cost of the Olympic Games, including the purchase of sports equipment, competition organization, transportation, security, lodging, catering  , communication, network, venue technology and staff, volunteer expenses, etc. According to the spirit of the central government, Beijing Olympic organizing Committee to "Save the Olympics, clean the Olympic Games, do not hold one of the most expensive Olympic Games" as the job requirements, in order to ensure the realization of the "characteristics, high level" to organize the objectives of the premise, the Beijing Olympic Committee to reasonably control theThe implementation of the "thrifty to run the Olympic Games, clean Olympic" policy, strengthen the budget audit, strict control of expenditure, through government procurement, open tendering, competitive negotiations, large expenditure intermediary assessment measures to ensure that the capital operation Open, transparent, thrifty and efficient. In all aspects of the joint efforts of the Beijing Olympic Games, the organization of operating costs through active market development to raise, the income scale to ensure the need to organize the tournament. According to the fixed exchange rate, the Beijing Olympic Committee expenditure scale is lower than the last Olympic Games, and it is understood that the next Olympic Games budget scale is higher than the Beijing Olympics.  Therefore, the Beijing Olympics is not the most expensive Olympic Games.  Reporter: If the organizing committee budget appears the balance, how does the organizing committee handle? A: According to the host city contract, the Beijing Olympic Games surplus funds will be distributed among the International Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee and BOCOG, and the balance funds allocated to BOCOG will set up a special fund for sports Development to develop sports, improve sports facilities and environment and develop mass sports activities.  Specific programmes for the establishment of the Fund are under study.  Journalist: Olympic engineering quality has always been the focus of public opinion and public attention, tracking the audit in this respect did what work, on the quality of the Olympic project evaluation? A: The audit report submitted by the Audit Office to the State Council approved the overall plan for the Olympic Project in terms of duration, quality, safety and other aspects of the auditing content are more comprehensive provisions. Following the audit process, in order to further standardize the quality inspection content, strengthen the project quality audit supervision, the Audit Commission has specially drafted the Olympic Engineering quality audit guidance method, issued by the audit task to carry out the organization. From the audit situation, in the whole construction process, the venue construction quality management system is relatively sound, the operation is basically effective, no major quality, safety accidents, the construction of the Olympic project is progressing smoothly. From the results, all the projects are scheduled to be completed into use, acceptance rate of 100%, a total of 38 projects won the State Construction Project Luban Award, China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award, the structure of the Great Wall Cup Gold Award and other categories of 118, better meet the Olympic Games running requirements, the International Olympic Committee,  National Olympic mission officials and athletes, as well as domestic and foreign guests highly praised.  Reporter: What benefits will the construction of Olympic venues produce? A: The Beijing Olympic Games has a total of 36 new and rebuilt venues, the independent Training Hall and the national team training base 66, the project total investment 19.49 billion yuan; the implementation of the "Green Olympics, Science and Technology Olympics, humanistic Olympics" three ideas in the Olympic Project construction project design, equipment materials (including sports equipment) There are quite a number of foreign enterprises involved in the procurement and so on, during the peak period of the Olympic project construction, nearly 50,000 rural laborers participated in the project construction. It can be said that the construction of Olympic venues plays an important role in economic development, improvement of urban environment and employment of migrant workers. Venue construction has been the media and public attention at home and abroad. After the Olympic Games, the Olympic venues become the international community to understand Beijing, the new window of understanding China, the Olympic center has become Beijing's new landStandard and tourist hotspots, the reception of a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, national sports taste National Swimming Center and other venues have undertaken a number of large-scale activities to achieve good social and economic benefits.
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