The best way to reduce the page bounce rate is to create Web site content value

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Absrtact: Website content construction is a very important aspect in the website operation, the website content is attracts the user to choose to enter your website the biggest request. The website with rich value content must attract the users ' multiple visits, and can fully mobilize the user's website participation degree,

Site content Construction is a very important aspect of the operation of the website, the content is to attract users to choose to enter your site's biggest demand. The website with rich value content must attract the users ' multiple visits, and can fully arouse the users ' participation degree and increase the activity of the website. The longer the user seeks the inner value of the site, the greater the content value of the site, and the higher the maturity of the site. Therefore, the user to enter the site after the depth of browsing to fully explain whether the site has to meet the needs of users of the value of content, whether the long-term development potential, whether to achieve profitability. This paper focuses on the value of creating site content is the best way to reduce the page bounce rate.

First, the value of the content of the site directly determines the site's browsing depth is the page bounce rate.

The website relative to the user, whether can satisfy the user's benefit demand, directly reflects the website content value operation aspect situation. Value is the satisfaction of a certain subject to the needs of another. The value of the site is the most core of the content of the site to the user's interest needs to meet. At present, many webmaster began to seriously pay attention to the user experience, the content of the site can fully meet the needs of users, whether you are doing optimization rankings, or the real operation of a website, all need to actively create the value of the content of the site, the content of value can fully meet the needs of users.

Stationmaster should turn oneself to become an expert of a profession, do not confine to the network technology level only, want to understand with the website localization related industry knowledge, collect all relevant knowledge, the classification edits to your website, manifests the system and the simplicity, lets the user be able to quickly understand and is familiar with. At the same time, the webmaster to depth to the user to understand what they need, and actively according to their needs, enrich the content of the website. Everything should be based on user needs to enrich the content of the site, so as to fully reflect the value of the content of the site, the value is the satisfaction of demand. Website gradually according to user needs to operate, create the value of the content of the site, it is inevitable to attract more users to visit your site, the content of the site has value, the user will be the site as their own home, long-term and effective access to the depth of the page will be greatly improved, the page bounce rate is bound to maintain a more satisfactory proportion. The most important point is that the content of the site is valuable, user participation is high, users will create more valuable content for the site, to attract more users to visit.

Second, the content of the site is the value of managers and users to create together.

At the beginning of the website operation, the content of the website basically is the management person is responsible for editing, the daily maintenance management work is at the foundation level, this stage needs unceasingly rich website content and the continuous promotion user. Many owners forget the maintenance of the basic content, start from the optimization rankings, hope that through simple technical means to obtain traffic, can always backfire. For a website, we need to go deep into the user, according to the user needs to enrich the content of the site, this point can be a good webmaster very few. Only a site that provides content that meets the needs of the user is valuable, behind closed doors, I take it for granted that the user needs what is not enough, we have to actively communicate with users, listen to their voices, and carefully analyze the feedback of the user's views and suggestions, on the basis of the content provided is truly valuable, To the user is attractive, can really reduce the page bounce rate, increase the weight of the site, improve the level of development of the site. Web site managers must learn to penetrate into the user, to provide the user needs to meet the real value of content, do not exceed this stage.

The content of the website is more and more, will attract more users to be effective and in-depth access, the user's participation and loyalty to the site will be more and more high. With the gradual formation of the site's core user base, users will actively participate in the site to provide the site to meet the needs of users more content, and the content of user contributions related to the content of Web site managers to provide more extensive, more able to meet the needs of other users. Therefore, actively guide the user to create value content is the site operation process is very important aspect, the user is always better than the manager to understand the needs of users, as people more understand the lives of ordinary people, users provide information more fit with the real needs of users, more attractive to other users. When the website operation really realizes the user naturally creates the content which has the value, on the one hand, the website activity degree and the browsing depth has been improved, on the other hand, the website management personnel may put the main energy in the higher level operation aspect, the foundation maintenance work very easy can complete, The development of the website is in the natural spiral rise stage, the popularity is greatly promoted.

Third, the website transaction content value construction directly determines the website the profit level.

The content of the website is divided into many aspects, such as: can satisfy the user question interest demand content, can satisfy the user interest interest demand content, can satisfy the user transaction benefit demand content and so on. To realize the profit of the website operation, the most important content of the website is the transaction content, the transaction means the transfer of the cash benefit, which accords with the realistic demand of people, and is the most important realistic benefit demand of all kinds of interests demand. Based on this, the site will focus on the transaction content of the construction, on the one hand, to meet people's real life needs, on the other hand, the site can be profitable, access to sustainable development of financial support. The construction of the transaction content, is definitely not several website management personnel sends the post, the maintenance can, must the positive deep direct face the user to promote is the most effective. Because, the transaction is two-way or multi-directional means, only the site manager's meaning is far from enough. Trading means volunteering, is the user's real needs of the meaning of expression, so, to really create the site's transaction content value, we need the site managers firmly set up all the concept from the user, will be positioned as a service, tightly around the user needs to carry out various work, and actively listen to the views and suggestions of users, Lead users to participate in the creation of transaction content value. Website transaction content Value Construction, if there is no user participation can not be achieved, the transaction is completed by the user, no user to pay all the transactions can not be achieved, in view of this, the site transaction content value construction of the main creator is the user, site managers must start from the user depth, to create a good, orderly trading order. Trading means profitability, and the more content the site has, the more it reflects the frequency of user involvement and the level of profitability of the site.

The value of the website content is the lifeline of the website, the vitality of the website maintains the value of the content of the website, the value means to satisfy the user's demand, the satisfaction of the user's demand decides the rate of return visit and the bounce off of the browsing page. Adhere to from the user, active in accordance with the needs of users to provide quality and valuable content, guide users to participate in the creation of value content, the site will be created a dynamic Web site, and ultimately to achieve profitability. Focus on the growth of webmaster, explore the idea of Web site operations to solve the confusion of webmaster. Create the value of the content of the website, let the user participate in creating the value of the website content, realize the website Spiral Natural ecology Development is the stationmaster's ultimate goal.

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