The big head of the son was adapted CCTV was sued, in the end who enjoy copyright?

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A domestic popular animated cartoon "Big head Son and Little Daddy" captured the oversized fans.

The son of the head, the father of the cerebellum, the apron of a chubby figure mother, the story of the family of three is always full of joy.

But the three animated images have sparked lawsuits. Hangzhou Big head Son company to sue CCTV animation, put forward three animated images together with other costs, a total of 1.56 million yuan claim.

Hangzhou Big head Son company said, CCTV animation without permission and unpaid remuneration, in 2013 will be the image of the new characters, launched the "new Big head Son", and the new character image for the exhibition, publicity, the big head of the company's son to the art works enjoy the copyright.

The case was held at the Bingjiang District court in Hangzhou, where the trial lasted a whole day: three main animated characters, how did they first create them? It is a pity that more than 20 years have passed, the figure with a pencil to create the intention, and did not stay.

The animated image of the son of a big head

Who is entitled to copyright

"Big head Son" is 1995, CCTV and Shanghai Oriental TV joint production of a popular cartoon. According to the cartoon's signature, the character design writes Liu Zedai.

Liu Zedai is now retired, before retiring in the Shanghai branch film Factory to do art design. In 2012, he said, he transferred the copyright of three animated characters to Hangzhou's big head son company.

Hangzhou Big head Son company said yesterday, Liu Zedai never specifically authorized CCTV "big head son" and apron Mother's Image copyright. CCTV only on the 95 version of the cartoon enjoy copyright, to three pieces of art itself is not entitled to copyright. Since then, in 2013, CCTV animation company launched the "new Big head son" animated TV dramas and movies, the story and the image of the big head son adapted creation.

The claim was denied by the CCTV animation. CCTV animation in court yesterday said: "At that time the director found Liu Zedai said to do animation, and later Liu Zedai in the director and other people's request, on the spot painted three paintings, that is, the head of the son and apron mother prototype." And at that time the oral agreement agreed, this animation modeling copyright is owned by CCTV, CCTV out of respect for Liu Zedai, only in the TV play signature design is Liu Zedai. ”

CCTV animation said that the 95 version of the big head son, which is the animated image is made by the cast, is the result of collective creation, and Liu Zedai just completed the first step.

Yesterday, Liu Zedai and 95 animated film director Tri Shi as a witness in court.

Two 77-Year-old man, recalled more than 20 years, that three hand-painted pencil painting.

Liu said that in 1994 he seconded to the Shanghai branch film Factory work, Lao Cui proposed creation three modelling, at that time he used the pencil, on the spot drew the big head son and the small father, the apron mother three images. "In my house, I did not speak to whom, but only commissioned me to create." No contract, no cost. ”

Unfortunately, the manuscript was not able to stay.

"At that time I took the manuscript, more than 20 years, has long gone, but also the first draft, also not much value." I just like the taste of it, the image of the head and the proportions. Except for the hair retention of the big head son, the others have to be done again. "director Cui said, Liu Zedai sketch is a creative intent, and not suitable for animation, but also need a lot of details."

He also said that after coming back to invite young creators, after detailed changes, made a facial, dynamic, location map. And at that time animated cartoons are manual, the operation process is complex. In addition to Liu, a large number of staff to create together, the entire number of people involved in the project, the cycle is very long, Liu Zedai just sketched a creative map and then did not participate in the creation.

CCTV explosive Material:

Hangzhou Big head son steals labor achievement
CCTV animation also broke a message: Hangzhou Big head Son company is intentionally stealing other people's labor results.

CCTV animation said, about 2013 years, Hangzhou Big head Son company learned that CCTV animation to remake the Big head son, so find the CCTV animation want to cooperate, but did not talk about; Due to be informed of Liu Zedai and CCTV has no written copyright authorization, so induced Liu Zedai and they signed copyright transfer agreement Liu Zedai only transfer the copyright to Hangzhou Big Head Son company.

On February 9, the court ruled without judgment.

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