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August 29 News, Wanda today joined together Baidu Tencent set up a power company, however, "electric quotient" is actually more like the concept of the word, Wanda Chairman Wang repeatedly stressed in the field, Wanda Electric business first do not do in kind, the second does not sell goods, but sell services, positioning is "the world's largest O2O electric dealers."

Before Wang often said to do the electrical business, in fact, is not similar to the real business of Jingdong and Ali, but want to use mobile internet technology, Wanda Plaza, hotels, resorts to the transformation of service types, to carry out a broad ecological o2o layout. The total investment of the home appliance company is as high as 5 billion yuan, of which Wanda shares 70%, Tencent and Baidu each holding 15%.

According to the agreement, Wanda, Tencent and Baidu will carry out account system, membership system, payment and Internet financial products, the establishment of General Integration Alliance, large data fusion, WiFi sharing, product integration, flow introduction and so on. According to Wanda CEO Donze introduced, Wanda Electric will build the domestic largest general integral alliance, while Wanda, Tencent and Baidu will build large data alliance.

Ma Ma, chairman of Tencent's board of directors, said at the scene that the name "electrical quotient" is not very accurate, may cause misunderstanding, mistaken for others to think it is selling things. In fact, the company described it as "perhaps more accurate to use the Internet to build smarter business". Donze also said Wanda Electric business has registered a new name, is expected to soon in Wanda Electric business full online after the announcement.

When Wanda teamed up with Tencent and Baidu to do the electric business, the outside world has thought is to Beijing east and Ali to do the challenge. In fact, Wang's ambition is not a challenger, but a platform-level player for Wanda Electric.

In particular, he believes that the current domestic internet has bat giant, the physical electrical business has Jingdong, Cat, Taobao and the only product will. But in O2O this part, has not seen the real platform giant. "In such a case, the opportunity is equal to everyone." ”

This is Wanda's core strengths: a strong offline resources, but also has a strong determination to do online under the integration of consumption, the lack of just the internet thinking and technical transformation.

According to Wang's semi-annual work report, he has asked the group to hand over all online resources to the company, he asked Wanda Electric must be able to develop a convenient card, can be in the National Wanda Plaza, hotels, holiday consumption area and the general purchase, and can be consumed with discounts, points, lottery, value-added services.

"In a few years, Wanda has nearly 200家万 Plaza, more than 100 hotels, plus 8 to 10 open resorts, billions of passengers a year, these consumers are our customers, can send hundreds of millions of cards, which is a huge resource and advantages." "Wang said.

According to Donze's forecast, Wanda Electric business will be in the National 107个万 Plaza opened at the point of service, 2015 opened Wanda all square, hotels, resorts to the electric business services. He said that during the trial run this year, Wanda Electric chamber will be more than 40 million, next year will be more than 100 million, in addition, Wanda Electric will also work with the Wanda Financial sector to launch a number of Internet financial services.

To users, what is the concept of Wanda electric business? You can envision a scenario where the user installs the Wanda app on the phone, through the unique ID in Wanda Business Circle, you can check the situation of hotels and resorts at any time, when you go into Wanda Plaza, you can receive the promotion information of the brand, you want to eat through the mobile phone booking payment, to the ground can directly eat and so on.

This is a beautiful life scene, but behind the complex data integration work, including Wanda's various business IT systems in-depth docking and transformation, this is not a simple job, Wanda Electric business Can "own revolution" is a key factor in success.

Tencent and Baidu in the resource docking on whether there will be competitive, how to maintain the balance of cooperation between the two, but also Wanda Electric business need to consider the issue.

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