The birth of a memorial platform to solve the secret worship network

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A few days ago, by the Hunan University students independent research and development of worship NET on March 18 officially online. The Worship network is the first large-scale professional network memorial platform in Hunan Province, which is of great significance for promoting the funeral reform in our province, advocating the green worship, and establishing the civilized fresh air. The Birth of worship net is also the history of spiritual civilization construction in our province.

According to or Lake College students webmaster Yang said that the worship network was set as his research topic, began last year's 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake. At that time, like all the Chinese, the earthquake brought him a shock and moved again and again. That day, he saw on television that the man who had lost his wife in the earthquake had tied his wife's body to the back and sent her to the morgue. He tried to give his wife a bit of dignity after his death. In the aftermath of the earthquake, the man insisted that his wife should not be left behind in the sharp rubble. At that moment, webmaster mind flashed a thought, to play their technical advantages, for the Wenchuan earthquake in each of the victims to establish a network "heaven", let them have one side of the tomb of rest, also let the disaster after the people have a memorial platform for mourning. This was the original motive for the founding of the cult network.

Domain name purchase and site naming is the first thing to do next. Online A check, it happens to have a domain name grabs, this is an international domain name (, Yang Webmaster Now no doubt that this is his best choice. Can take next look quote startled: 100,000 yuan. To tell you the truth, from the advantage of its domain name, also do not think excessive: name is "worship" the word Pinyin (Jibai), Nature is the first choice for worship sites, input on the keyboard, it is the most flexible left and right two index fingers to hit the "worship" of the first letter, good memory input, is a top-level domain name. Just let suffer from no economic foundation, or students he made difficult. Not reconciled to him or holding a try the mentality of the seller did a full exchange. When the other party learned that he wanted to build an "online paradise" for the Wenchuan earthquake, he generously dropped the price to 20,000 yuan, and finally bought the domain name of the worship network under the patronage of a private entrepreneur.

On the meaning of worship, webmaster Yang to the Media special emphasis: worship, not what feudal superstition, but originated in the ancient sacrificial culture of a new era of significance of the commemorative form. Worship is an expression of sze and mourning of the ancestors, and also an important form of family traditional education for future generations.

When he put forward his plan to the students, he immediately received wide acceptance and support. They use their spare time, lasted nearly a year, and finally on the eve of a successful online worship network.

Worship nets, beyond the yearning for time and space. is the best interpretation of the worship net.

The establishment of an online memorial, so that the life of the eternal, is a worship network core function.

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