The bizarre world of entertainment: the bird race

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"Bird Race" demo in the past there was a bird, it flew over the plains, flew over the island, flew over the desert, it is such a direct flight AH fly, fly ah fly. Another game of endless mode, game players control a strong bird, in the sky Crazy Bird, can be the problem is over a batch after batch, there are always birds in front of you, this bird must refer to the smart bird, otherwise why in the race late so long before starting. Game Name: "Bird Race" Price: Free time: November 20, 2012 Size: 15.6 MB "Bird Race" game screenshot "Bird Race" game screenshot The middle of the game feeling is still quite excited, because the game in the shape of the birds Walk is grotesque style, there are squares, water droplets, there are tropical fish type, There is shell type, pattern of species than marine life is also rich, like countless colorful yarn regiment flying in the sky. Each bird is also very casual wear in a variety of decorative bottles, what top caps, wearing headphones, wearing sunglasses, wearing a Christmas hat, let people feel that they are not in the race but migrating bar, otherwise how can dress up so happy. The music of the game with the accordion played in the silent film era soundtrack, the background is simple on the graph paper painting, creating a bizarre bird world. "Bird Race" game screenshot
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