The black worm creeping in Abbott's milk powder insists the quality is no problem

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Milk powder to crawl the parents scared to send oxygen not timed patients tough editor's note: Today's "network of direct" talk is "a matter of vital". Infant milk powder hidden insects, young children eat something wrong? Life-saving oxygen delivery is not allowed, weak patients to suppress what to do? People's life and health than the big, enterprises really should carefully weigh the shoulder "responsibility" the weight of the word! Abbott milk powder black bug peristalsis "complaints" This March, I was in Sichuan sha a maternity and infant supplies store bought a can of Ya-pei-young child-like milk powder (1-3-year-old child-specific), production date of March 20, 2012, shelf life of 2.5. April 8 Noon, I opened the milk cans, but found a black bug climbed out of the lid, and milk powder surface also has two small worms in the peristalsis. "This can of milk powder I bought home has not moved, how can have bugs to go in, it is really scary!" "(Ms Li)" The investigation "Ms. Lee immediately called the Abbott Customer Service hotline to reflect the situation, the afternoon, Abbott Company a staff to visit and take photos for evidence. The other side insists that the milk powder on the market through layers of testing, quality is no problem, as to why the worm, may be in the transport process can damage caused by worms to climb into. "Response" reporter contacted Abbott yesterday, a week surnamed staff said the company has sent door-to-door investigation, and confirmed the existence of worms. The reason, may be the milk powder in the process of transport in the mouth of the joint was hit by small cracks, which led to the worm crawl into, of course, does not rule out Ms. Li in the open milk powder cans, the lid outside there are bugs, open before falling into the milk powder. "The exact reason for the moment is still not coming out, but in any case, the bugs can not be mixed in the production process." "For Yuyabet's explanation, Ms. Li said it was unacceptable," I looked carefully before I opened the jar, and there were no bugs on the lid, and Nayapee to take responsibility if it was damaged during the transportation. " At present, the two sides have yet to agree on the cause and compensation of the incident. Wayne oxygen inhalation suddenly late "complained" my husband suffering from respiratory failure, every day to suck a bottle of oxygen. But recently, the company daily aspirated time is too irregular, the earliest and the latest 5 hours, resulting in oxygen either wasted or not enough to suck, the patient was tortured very painful. (Ms. Kim) "survey" reporter learned that Ms. Kim's use of the company's oxygen cylinder has been 3 years, before the delivery time has been fixed at noon, very punctual. Since March this year, however, the number of aspirated is sometimes as early as 10 o'clock and sometimes late 15:30, which is inconvenient. The couple called to inquire about the company, and the other said the line was adjusted so time could not be fixed. When asked if the reader can roughly frame a time, customer service said, "Anyway, before the moon is sent to the day." "Response" reporter call Wayne Company, responsible for the after-sales staff said the recent line is indeed optimized, so delivery time will be floating. They will speed up the pace of line optimization, as far as possible to the user convenience. The company has communicated with the user to apologize, and inform the Distribution Department as soon as possible the home delivery time of Ms. Kim fixed, for early time to sendDoor。 (Fanghao Wang Min)
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