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Ceo! won Alibaba tens of millions of U.S. dollars VC! Send 100 million profits next year to make employees happy! Don't dream, this is someone else's overbearing president! The president of the Yu Jiawen in the "Young China said" program some domineering side leakage to no friends to share, let Netizen straight call "constructed not my husband, Yu Jiawen is!" Overnight, the national husband easy Lord! Crestron, Don't cry!

The following is an interview with Forbes Chinese network for Yu Jiawen, which is also worth reading:

The day before the interview with Yu Jiawen, he founded the super timetable of the application tool just won the Alibaba Group, Sequoia Capital and strategic source venture continued to participate in the tens of millions of dollar round of financing.

Yu Jiawen: Conquer Ma Yun in Benin, second kill constructed
Super timetable can be connected to the university's educational system, to help students quickly enter the timetable to the mobile phone tool class application. The current number of users has more than 10 million, the average daily active users up to more than 2 million. In addition, the 1.7 billion-time course search activity in the super timetable was generated only in the year to June. The application of the "Class Chat" module has become the country's largest student anonymous social platform.

Not seen, from Yu Jiawen's office can be a glimpse of his unique character: The door was hung by employees a pink brand: "Official adultery, come in quickly." "The coffee table in the hospitality area is a common set of Kung Fu tea sets, but the rest area is carpeted with comfortable pillows and pink plush toys, and two guitars are placed next to the bookcase."

Yu Jiawen is very thin, very good talk, he refused to match his age is not consistent with maturity, as if losing personality can not prove himself. During the interview, he sat cross-legged on the floor, lit a cigarette, spoke quickly, or was tired and leaned over the rug, rubbing his plush dolls against two. Not only is this not the same as sit's forums whenever entrepreneur, even with the relatively relaxed posture of entrepreneurs.

This year only 24-Year-old Yu Jiawen, a freshman starting a business, the reason is "pocket money is not enough." He started a high school social networking site and sold 1 million after two years. 2009 he entered the Guangzhou University of China Soft College. On the university, Yu Jiawen found that the teacher taught a lot of things, he has learned, and college life to his biggest touch is to know a lot of friends from corners. "High school does that social product when it is entirely a person, a person to write code, a person to do the design, very lonely, do well no one to share, there are difficulties no one discussed." "So a university, Yu Jiawen not clear what they want to do is to start looking for and their own common interests and pursuit of the people, Yu Jiawen this person defined as" a low-key and do things down geek.

Soon, he found 8 like-minded small partners, early everyone together to write software and then sell, each earn tens of thousands of yuan, to the eve of graduation, a few people scrape together to open a small technology company, reason to retain entrepreneurial partners. Yu Jiawen also concluded that those who did poorly in traditional education, either special cows, or particularly poor, rarely have a golden mean.

Women, young children, college students, has been Yu Jiawen attention to the three major markets. And for the third party, their advantage is as peers, more understanding of customer base needs and thinking mode. Now the super timetable for the fire, the idea of the whole idea is also out of Yu Jiawen their own needs-often forget the time and place of the class. So far, the super timetable is very close to rivals, in addition to the function of the customer group needs pain point, but also with Yu Jiawen's understanding and skilled use of social media communication.

In the second half of 2011, the Yu Jiawen team developed a super timetable, the first edition is rather rough, only show the class name, place and teacher name, but this application quickly attracted thousands of students in school use. With continuous improvement, this application now adds a number of small refreshing features: for example, "classmate" module, convenient real-time search to the students around the classroom, send a chat "small note" (This is also related to the needs of Yu Jiawen, he just went to college when he dared not chat with female students); You can discuss the course content in the application, let the teacher know what the students are most concerned about in the class, can share the class notes, share the file resources, you can also view the whole school curriculum, and add into the personal audit course, make a plan, can give the course evaluation rating. In addition, the insertion of the App Store for college students to select the app for classification diversion, the application of the market a variety of good and bad app played a quality control, which is also part of the super timetable of advertising revenue sources.

Yu Jiawen recalls that the super timetable to do 100,000 users before, have not spent money on promotion. "Spend money to promote everyone, but do not spend money will be effective, we must be very aware of the target users and spend their minds." ”

The super timetable functions a lot, but Yu Jiawen and his team will split these functions into a refinement, each month only to do a function of the promotion, each point of appeal will be with more than 10 marketing solutions, each copy will be carefully scrutinized, tangled hundreds of times. In the process of Yu Jiawen will personally test the forwarding rate of different copy, there is a bit of matching map, there are small fresh queen of the selection. He has repeatedly reminded employees, whether to write micro-blogging or micro-mail or other channels to promote, should be taken into account that these words and pictures are to let the person to see the impulse to share to others, so the forwarding rate will be high, and the title is very important.

In addition to these conventional promotion, Yu Jiawen is also good at using their own characteristics: Hype the CEO of this one person brand. "I know very well what the media and society are interested in," he said bluntly. In a large number of graduates can not find work every year, as a start-up of the second generation of poor, as long as the popularity will certainly attract many attention, which is tantamount to our application for free promotion. ”

Yu Jiawen like to study how to find the weakness of human nature, through the fight pain point to achieve the goal. As the son of a butcher, he felt that all this might be a gift rather than a deliberate training. Just like childhood parents often fight, let him very uncomfortable, then he saved money, bought a big drum, as long as the parents start fighting, he will be outside the door vigorously, call neighbors to onlookers. Over time, parents feel humiliated and no longer fighting. He was also good at starting small partners, every time rumble him in the back command, often because of good tactics and victory. "I am so small, straight out of my head is not enough to punch." No matter fighting or doing things, we must learn to their own long, the system of short, and seize each other's most important life door, hard blow, so as to win. ”

Marketing, Yu Jiawen the team to create and manage the way is also more special. He felt that the process of user from level 100,000 to level 1 million was the same as forging the team again. Yu Jiawen personally trains each employee how to do social promotion, do effect marketing, conduct business negotiations, how to use psychological tactics. The whole team's style is forged by him, because "corporate culture reflects the boss's character." Only the enterprise cultural opponents can not replicate, and different corporate culture brings different style of work, will form a competitive differentiation. ”

When the company's employees disagree, he encourages the team to "quarrel". "I will call the product manager, let everyone to scold the product how rotten, and give the product manager a chance, let him come up with a new version of scold back." "He thinks the company is a breakthrough, and everyone is passionate about doing it every day," he said. He used to quarrel with female colleagues, noisy female colleague tears ran the door, he himself patted the table and laughed. He said that in the company equality between men and women, even if the tears ran to come back to finish the work. Without reason, no one could quarrel with him.

He will encourage employees to constantly update their resumes, so that they can avoid being a frog in the well, and by the way, check the value of the "super timetable" job experience in the talent market. He is not worried about the loss of staff, "as long as the company has a future, the boss is more concerned about the staff, it is easy to let employees have as a common entrepreneur, not just the feeling of migrant workers." "Yu Jiawen did not rigidly stipulate the time of the staff to commute, as long as the finished can go, but if not done, employees have to consciously work overtime." He would secretly give staff plans to plan the number of options, but not to tell them that the future reward will be a surprise.

Company employees like to spoof the Boss, the boss also enjoy, "We are a little boy, why install." Therefore, do not love "outfit" Yu Jiawen hate people wear brand name or similar to Google glasses, such as "props" loaded high, all see will spit trough. He likes Mickey, Astro Boy, Digital Tyrannosaurus, cherry meatballs, and if he gets annoyed, he'll soon get over it by sending him a doll. He also encouraged his team to release a variety of micro-blogging letters selling rotten, and even had employees in front of the company placed inflatable dolls to attract complaints.

The company's staff is a variety of cards, the Yu Jiawen is "My Lord", vice president of the work card is "poor students", some female employees or even "Niang"--it seems that only they understand the "slang." It is probably the whole team grounding gas, so that the super timetable users feel that the brand with their intimacy, the degree of goodwill doubled.

Every day he will work more than 10 hours, participating in the company including software research and development, programming, marketing, promotion, business negotiations all kinds of work, "I am energetic, no way." "He recruits staff," never look at what the candidate is graduating from college, English four level six, those are virtual; why don't you just tell me what you will and can do, and I'll give you one months to prove it. "Even if young fame, but Yu Jiawen still wear dozens of dollars t-shirt, go out to sit spring air, live seven days." By example, employees will also consciously save office costs, "save money for the boss to pay more." ”

Like many young entrepreneurs, Yu Jiawen has long been adept at capitalizing on the power of capital. In 2012, wearing shorts and sandals, he met angel investor Zhu Bo at an entrepreneurial salon, and he certainly took the opportunity to come up with a business plan, but Zhu Bo said: "What business plans do kids know?" "But finally Zhu Bo invested in Yu Jiawen, and the two sides reached a consensus: the super timetable is essentially an application tool that creates stickiness, gathers users, and uses social functions to drive activity, using instrumental features. Until now, Yu Jiawen has emphasized that it will not use social functions to enhance user stickiness, but always improve performance and enhance user experience as a moat.

To make Yu Jiawen famous, is 2013 he volunteered to participate in the Southeast TV reality show "Love Spell will Win", the beginning of 2013 to date 4 rounds of financing, Yu Jiawen are a person to face a group of investors, although each time there is no clear business plan, with a whiteboard ligatures said, But a solid user base has allowed many VCs to see this as the most widely used tool in the national colleges and universities.

But seemingly smooth business or experienced a lot of setbacks. One time because investors did not have the funds in place, the entire company's capital chain broken, rented office was withdrawn, dozens of computers were confiscated debt. Yu Jiawen but secretly and a few friends to take away the hard drive, his reason is that the computer can be used as a debt to the physical assets, but the data each other received also useless, "become a big deal of people informal", of course, should take the hard drive away.

The other side of the card that doesn't follow the usual logic is precocious. Yu Jiawen from the Three Kingdoms, they will take their own into the characters to think, for example, if I was the devil, how to choose. Junior began to study the book of changes, now also worship an easy master to do a teacher, sometimes "elegant" to take 64-gua divination analysis of life, from other people's looks, expressions, movements and other details of his personality and mood. Every morning when he gets up, he reads a piece of the heart and then goes to the roommate for breakfast (because he's afraid of being alone and has been renting with a couple of start-up partners).

During his schooling, consult the teacher before the problem, must be in advance to collect data, at least in the search software to read more than 20 pages of information and then ask questions, so that will not waste each other's time, so far the company's style is also a step to do the small things well, rather than the first to talk about grand ideals

Yu Jiawen like to study Buddhism and easy to learn, he thought that the Buddhist meditation is to cultivate the mind, not rigidly, not absolute, not easily give up. Only by doing the little things well can we do great things. He has never set a goal for himself in terms of user numbers or earnings figures, "it's silly to quantify yourself with uncontrollable goals." A wise man of my kind would not do anything stupid. He also mentioned that the investors he had met were basically not making a recent profit request for him, but that he wanted to continue to scale the user level first. After getting the B-round financing, he will continue to optimize the function and open up the North University market.

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