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Now the site is no longer only as a company image of a window, more is to open up network marketing channels for the increase of the company's benefits and build the site, People's website construction more and more need to build a marketing-oriented website, on this a lot of site optimization ( Landed on the website maker. Free marketing website style design to network marketing-oriented, marketing-oriented web site as the basis for design, to achieve intelligent search engine optimization, to achieve the best engine optimization results.

1. Perfect website System

Web site includes news article system, product Management system, recruitment management system, advertising management system, message management system, link system, and all visible logo, picture advertising location, copyright information, website statistics, online customer service can be intelligent management backstage. All page visible text 99% can be modified in the background. will be able to type to operate the management of their own independent marketing enterprise website.

2. Self-Help Intelligent optimization website

Web site through the background to set up any page of any title, keyword, description, etc., so that the site in Baidu rankings in front, so that your customers more easily through Baidu and other search engines to find your independent site.

3, online customer service Set Unlimited

All Web style at the bottom can be unlimited to add online qq, online, such as Wang Wang online communication tools to facilitate customer timely communication enterprises, as well as free to help customers install Third-party free customer service software, to achieve more real-time communication methods, to achieve the highest customer conversion rate.

4. Website Statistic Traffic Management

At the bottom of the site to add online traffic statistics software, at any time to check the site traffic situation, as well as through the flow analysis of their own keyword positioning is correct, customer groups mainly through what to the side of your site, mainly from which cities, what time period access, how many pages, Can be viewed in detail. Make timely keyword positioning changes, so as to achieve more web traffic, and more accurate network marketing.

5, each page should have its own title

Each page should have its own title, and each title should be different, otherwise, if the title of each page is the same, the search engine will think it is the same page.

6, site production in the chain should pay attention to

In the production of the website, we usually summarize a description in the homepage, the description is not finished, usually we will have a link to the inner page to let the viewer continue to see, such links in the construction of the site we are most likely to use "more >>" or more to point to the link, this is not possible, we should describe such as "Website Building common Sense more"; URL links also need to maintain a general nature, the site before the production should be determined to use www.xxxxcom or A but the determination of the use of it is not appropriate to change.

7. Use AJAX with caution

In the Web site production using AJAX received user experience is really good, but Ajax generated content can not be linked to the search engine is useless, so we should be cautious in the production of the site.

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