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Google's first product manager, Mayer, has pointed out that the search engine still has great innovation, change and development space. Despite the silence about Google's future offerings, Mayer hints at Google's future direction. "We think it's important to go beyond keyword search and allow users to ask questions, and search engines may make it easier for users to use their mobile phones to access websites," she said. We're also thinking about how to make the most of new media and how to bring books, videos and news to the search experience. Then, a variety of personalized searches will be developed. ”


Today, Mayer for search engine development judgment has been realized, and with the popularization of computer and Internet applications, the public demand for search more and more high, while the search engine competition is more and more intense, and in this period the characteristics of the search engine is more and more obvious:

I. Rapid

The speed of improvement is now all search engines are trying to achieve the goal. Fast not only refers to the speed of search engine return results, but also refers to the speed of search engines to obtain new information, now blogs, forums and information sites have become the most important source of information, general what major news, directly on Baidu to how fast.

Ii. Diversification

Diversification includes two main areas: diversity of content and search.

The content includes a search for pictures, audio, and video content in addition to text. And in the search results content, is also very diverse, there are pictures and texts, the latest news, microblogging information, light applications, intimate search, etc., in the article "201,300 degrees of search results in the advanced" a article mentioned.

Search for diversity: You can search by voice commands, action commands, geographical location, etc.

Iii. Real-time search

With the rise of personal media platform, search engine real-time requirements are increasing, Baidu also launched a real-time search on Weibo, search methods: The browser input keyword, Real-time Search is the most prominent feature is the timeliness of strong, more and more unexpected events for the first time posted on the micro-blog, real-time search core emphasis is "fast", the user published information the first time can be searched by search engines. For example, the keyword for search engines, the results will be the following figure. But now Baidu also has no obvious real-time search entrance.


Iv. Intelligent

Baidu constantly improve structured data to meet intimate search, based on depth data mining and user behavior analysis, web search from unstructured search to structured search, more and more structured data on the search results page. More accurate, more humane, richer to meet the needs of users.

Google's hummingbird algorithm can use more complex search requests to better understand the concept of human language, rather than some scattered words, such search can provide more accurate results. Such improvements are required, he says, because the data indicate that many users will search by typing complete questions in the search box.

Baidu intimate search and Google's hummingbird algorithm similar, are to make search engines more intelligent, not stay in the search word surface meaning, but really to dig the real intentions of users, to give real satisfaction with the user needs of the search results.

V. Socialization

Some people call social search "the search for the human brain." Search engines rely on the stickiness of a large number of users to provide users with the ability to ask questions, and the answer to this question is not the search engine itself, but all other users see this problem. These issues can often be better answered by a large number of users and the help of a corresponding professional. For example, Baidu know, etc. belong to the category of social search.

For example, if the user in the social network of other users posted information, reviews or shared information is easier to trust, which is closely related to the user's heart. Social search provides users with more accurate and trustworthy search results.

Vi. Mobile Search

With the rapid development of smartphones, mobile devices based mobile device search is becoming more and more popular, but mobile devices have great limitations, such as the screen is too small, can be displayed less area, computational resources capacity is limited, open the Web page speed is very slow, mobile phone input cumbersome problems need to be resolved.

At present, mobile Internet can be said to be the zenith, become the focus of discussion, mobile search after the market share will gradually rise, Baidu has also made the mobile search plan related announcements, and for the website without mobile version, Baidu also provides a mobile open platform.

Vii. Personalized

Because each user's preferences, purposes are different, the search results of the expectations of a great difference. For example, the same search for "Apple", some hope that the iphone, some people may want to be fruit.

So now many search engines are starting to suggest that users sign in, such as Google and Yahoo, so that users ' search habits will be recorded and analyzed by search engines. If you're constantly looking for information about your phone, the next time you type in "Apple," the information from the iphone will appear in front of you. Personalized search has a high demand for data collection of user's search habits, but in a way, it involves user's privacy problem.

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