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Absrtact: With the mobile phone industry entering the final shuffle period, the 2015 intelligent Ecology has become the focus of the terminal industry. 2014 for Millet is crazy, the first smartphone in 2011, the company, in 2014 has grown into annual shipments of 61.12 million units


With the mobile phone industry entering the final shuffle period, the 2015 intelligent Ecology has become the focus of the terminal industry.

2014 for Millet is "crazy", the first smartphone in 2011, the company, in 2014 has grown into annual shipments of 61.12 million units, the world's fifth-ranked (IDC data) smartphone manufacturers. However, behind the rapid growth of millet, but also face the peak growth of China's smartphone market has passed, millet mobile phone sales price quickly decline and so on.

The concept of "intelligent ecology", proposed by Lei at the end of 2014, has once again sparked intense debate in the industry, raising the value of millet from $10 billion in August 2013 to $45 billion in December 2014. and millet then and the United States and other enterprises began the alliances-type intelligent ecological expansion, but also led to the charm of the family + Haier + Alibaba, as well as Huawei, Tcl and other enterprises to follow up quickly.

So, the intelligent Ecology 2015 years will become the next "Typhoon Mouth"? Millet + beauty and the charm of the family + Haier + Alibaba mode who is superior who inferior? Will smart-phone companies take intelligent ecology as standard? "One observation" in this connection with the Charm clan, millet, Haier, Huawei, Tcl and other industry executives discussed, the following is the main information:

The Charm clan and the Millet PK intelligent ecology

January 28, the charm of the United Haier, Alibaba in Beijing National Conference Center held a "charm of intelligent Ecological Circle" conference. Whether it is the new Phantom Blue mobile phone, or intelligent eco-circle strategy released, the charm of the target is very explicit point to the millet. The Vice president of the group Linan even the two major enterprises, expansion of the Intelligent ecological "Republic" and "Empire" model of the war. Linan thought: "Millet intelligent ecological model is too closed, and the United States home appliances do but Haier + Gree + sharp and other Home Appliance Alliance, Jin Shanyun Service is not as good as Ali, so the charm of the people adhere to the open mode of the most beneficial to users."

But Millet does not seem to think so. Lei in the media interview stressed: "Millet intelligent ecology is not a closed model, but the initial and not too many partners agree, so millet choose to inject or share the risk with the partner model." With the intelligent ecological expansion of millet, will gradually move towards openness.

Linan to this comeback said: "From mobile phone charger to smart bracelet, from smart hardware to software application investment, the expansion of millet is always a capital temptation and category exclusive strategy, which from Shenzhen, many small and medium-sized enterprises on the attitude of millet can be clearly resolved."

Ali Cloud computing company president and Alibaba Group Vice President Wang Wenbin to "one observation" said, Aliyun in the technical end is very strong, but in the user side does not have the hardware ability, this is Ali chooses with the charm clan, Haier in the intelligent ecological cooperation reason. At present, Ali, the Charm clan, Haier in their respective industries have their own business ecological circle, but also want to the intelligent ecological layout, because the establishment of a multiple brands, many industries, multiple terminals, more integration of open and interconnected ecological circle for Chinese enterprises is very necessary, but also in line with the interests of consumers.

Haier Group general manager of Intelligent household appliances Li Li to "one observation" said that Haier also hope that through U-home to provide users with a complete set of Haier solution. But practice has proved that the user's needs vary widely, even across many industries, so only one enterprise can not cover enough demand, it is impossible for users to be satisfied with the experience.

Tcl Communications coo Wang and Huawei Glory Division president Liujiang also stressed the open concept of "one observation". Wang said that the future of smart home is not a simple remote control of the user through the mobile phone, but must do things and things, and the intelligent perception between people, so the intelligent ecology must be open, to accommodate more enterprises in various industries to get the outbreak of development.

Will intelligent ecology become "standard" for domestic enterprises?

From the current point of view, in addition to millet and the charm of the family, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, 360, Beijing-east and other internet giants, Haier, Hisense, TCL, the United States home appliance enterprises, Huawei, Cool faction, Lenovo and other terminal enterprises have laid the intelligent ecology. So, will intelligent ecology become standard for domestic enterprises? For mobile phone companies, the lack of access to intelligent ecology must mean being eliminated?

Lei in the media interview that, Millet judged for the next 3-5 years, or 10 years, all the personal use of terminal equipment, home appliances will be all intelligent, and all will be connected with cloud computing. Therefore, the success of intelligent ecology for Millet is the key, millet strategy is to mobile phone as the center to connect all the smart devices.

The charm of vice president Linan to "one observation" said: "Intelligent ecology will certainly become the future trend of industry development, the desire to bring together enough enterprises to build a complete ecology, to form an open unified standard, and to obtain user experience and user size." For why the charm of the 2015 smartphone scale expansion of the key year to do intelligent ecology, Linan replied: "If the competitor (Millet) ran to the front, the scale once the volume will be very scary, 2015 will be the establishment of intelligent ecological structure of the key year."

Lenovo Group executive vice president and mobile business group president, Motorola Mobile Management Committee president Liu June to "one observation" said: "Intelligent ecological trend is certain, Lenovo is also in the active layout and innovation."

Hao Fanghao, President of the Great God of cool, said that the future of intelligent ecology will certainly become the focus of Internet giants, terminal enterprises and home appliance enterprises, one of the important goals of the cool faction and the 360 joint venture company is to lay the intelligent ecology.

Tcl Communication Coo Wang, the Intelligent terminal interconnection and intelligent home must be the industry trend, not into the intelligent ecology of the single terminal category will lose user attention and market competitiveness.

Will 2015 become an intelligent ecological "Typhoon Port"?

From the Internet giants, terminals and the overall layout of home appliances Enterprises, intelligent ecology will become a bullish enterprise, and competing for the next "Typhoon mouth." So will 2015 years be the key to a full-blown intelligent ecosystem?

The small Mirejun and the Charm Clan Linan All regard 2015 as the intelligent Ecology Pattern establishment key year. and Lenovo Group executive vice president and mobile business Group President Liu June said that 2014-2015 or intelligent ecological start of the year, by industry standards and ecological status restrictions, will not suddenly erupt. Liujiang, president of Huawei Glory Business, also said: "To wait for the wind, Huawei Glory 2015 in the intelligent Ecology is focused on and try to lay the main." MediaTek's president, Xiaiqingjiang, said from the supply chain point of view, the technology has been ready, MediaTek 2015 will be from the chip end of the overall layout of smart home and wear equipment, but from the industry maturity and user acceptance, 2017 should be an outbreak of time node.

"One observation" it seems that all parties have judged the intelligent ecology as a smartphone after the next "Typhoon Mouth", then how the layout will determine the next 3-5 years of the trend of companies. Millet model can quickly concentrate money, MIUI and millet mobile phone users, as well as lei through the funds to build up the "imperial" resource advantages, more efficient, high return risk will be huge. And by the charm Group + Haier + Alibaba advocated open mode can unite more industry enterprises, in the rapid capacity to accommodate a large number of cooperation and user total, but also Bang risk. However, decentralized alliances will also lead to a decline in executive power, the establishment of a unified standard is doomed to a long journey.

If you look back on the early 2011 smartphone outbreak, no one is optimistic about the mobile phone model millet, but eventually was lei "drilling loopholes", quickly do large-scale, and the death of traditional mobile phone companies to reform themselves. So in the 2015 four years later, Lei in the field of intelligent ecology can reproduce the development model? For the past few years to eat the "big loss" of domestic terminal enterprises, this time will avoid "shoes old-fashioned"?

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