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Site keyword selection for the site SEO is a very important work, keyword research done, for the site optimization rankings and overall marketing promotion are very helpful. Many people on the SEO work is one-sided understanding of the content, do a good job of linking, ignoring the importance of keyword research. Keywords do not choose good, there is no flow of rankings or traffic can not be converted, these are problems. Moreover, content writing is also related to key words. Here is a dry cleaning machine to join the site as an example to analyze the keyword how to choose.

The first step is to analyze the competitor's key words first.

For those who have just started to do this kind of site, and do not have a clear goal, do not know how to set the key words, the study of competitors is the best way. Under normal circumstances we can first search the word "dry cleaning", will find that Baidu home page has 8 bidding to promote the rankings, you can say that the industry competition is still very high, followed by the introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia. Baidu Search page can be seen next to, "Baidu for you to find the relevant results of about 41,600,000", this number is enough to explain your competitors many.


We continue to page, at the top of the second pages have related search tips, from the words of the hint, we can put dry cleaners and dry cleaning machine as part of the title of the homepage. However, which as our preferred keyword, we need to further determine the line. In general, we find 3-5 in Baidu can be, find 5-10 famous companies focus on it. Through the above methods we list 3 to 5 groups of keywords can be.


The second step, the long tail keyword tool analysis and judgment

Webmaster Home SEO tool provides long tail keyword query, this is very convenient. We can not only use the tool to query the index of our keywords, we can also find other keywords to expand. Through this tool, we can also query the key combination of the index, the integration of some high index keywords on the home page. The keyword index gives me some of the things people pay attention to, and the higher the attention level, the higher the value. We have a number of high attention and search volume of words on the home page will get effective traffic.

The third step, query keyword search volume

Keyword not only have index and search quantity, the word that Netizen searches is the word that we want to really optimize. How to find the keyword has no search volume, we can use Baidu and Google to provide tools to query, comprehensive analysis. Using only one tool does not accurately determine the accuracy of the data, and some of the data has some moisture. Therefore, we should use a number of tools to analyze, and so on the ranking up, and then to study the real search volume to adjust.

Through the above steps to screen, and combined with the characteristics of the company, we found a dry cleaning company, their key word for "dry cleaning machine _ Dry Cleaners to join _ Dry Cleaners join chain-France Cafu laundry." Keywords include the industry hot words, but also related to the enterprise itself. But it is not optimal in permutation and combination. I think "dry cleaning machine _ laundry to join _ Dry cleaning shop to join the chain-France Cafu Laundry" will be more appropriate to write.

The above three steps are the most basic steps, of course, there are some small details to note. For example, we have to stand on the user's point of view to think about what words they will search, you can refer to some of the views of friends. After all, our goal is to get users to search and provide them with useful information. Also, the key words to try to choose a large amount of search for a less competitive word, so we can do it easier. Wait until the rankings come up, the right to heavy, and then do some difficult words will be much easier.

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