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Want to create a successful web site? Little water to know that nothing is more important than this. That's choosing your theme. Now a lot of people specifically to do search engines to do the site, choose a topic they do not understand and familiar with, the result is a superb SEO theory, but it is difficult to succeed, in the past, many people do not understand the search engine, but they only because of the choice of the theme of their own familiar to do the site, Then they succeed through search engines, and their sites may not be deliberately SEO-optimized.

One, interested in the subject

With the rapid development of the network in China, many people want to start a business on the internet, including a lot of physical companies, individuals, etc., but the real success of the people will not exceed 20%, many people know that the future of the Internet is good, that they have the ability to create their own wealth, but the truth is always the opposite. What is the reason?

Someone through the analysis of each industry, found that those who have succeeded in the cause of their own has a strong interest and incomparable passion, they are very aware of their own industry and maintain the interest to continue to understand! What about building a website? If you build a website that you're not familiar with and you don't have a strong interest in, What kind of help can you offer to users? When the site encountered a problem, you will have the motivation to adhere to, conversely, if you have built a very favorite site, then you will be in the face of setbacks and difficulties easily to give up? If not, the likelihood of success will be greatly increased!

Second, useful topics

Many people like to have their own web site for the continuous revision, modify the title, and publish a variety of Web site content, whether this can continue to progress until success? Point water know, the answer is negative. Baidu Xiao Li once said: No one day Chinese netizens can leave Baidu. In fact, this sentence is really not exaggerated, at least a little water itself is. And why does a search engine make the public so dependent? That's because he can quickly help you find the most useful thing you want from clutter!

Now Baidu open platform, a lot of open cooperation site to the inside page to a very good ranking, the snapshot will have an open platform link identification, including some traffic is very big words, these let many stationmaster including point water all very depressed, because our rank can never surpass him! But put down the webmaster's identity to re-examine, You will find that Baidu open platform of the site are some good content of the site, Baidu is also dependent on users, more than we pay more attention to user experience, so he will not have no reason to put the rankings to not excellent page. Therefore, the construction of the theme of the website must be useful to users! So that users will be able to find your Web page.

Three, learn your theme

Baidu your topic key words, see the ranking of the first site, whether they feel that their content is not perfect, also not professional? More than they know, if you think so, then don't hesitate to go beyond him. But if you feel that the other person's site content than you know more than you are more professional, then how to do? If you do not want to find another topic to do the site so there is only one way to learn, to learn more about your subject knowledge and content, until one day, your site can provide better and more professional content! If one day the user does not go through the search engine or will visit your site, then the so-called outside the chain, weight, all clouds and so on are already clouds! Article original in water blog:

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