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The speed and stability of the website space determines the user experience degree, which plays an important role in the enterprise's network marketing.

A qualified enterprise website open speed must be fast, according to some authoritative statistics, 3 seconds can not open the site will let you lose 60% of the visitors, you can think of the choice of Web site space for the role of network Marketing how big! For example: When we visit a website, if we have not reflected for a long time after the click, whether we will be very angry to turn off the page ? To know that there are a lot of web sites to provide information about our needs, not necessarily your family, the speed of the other I will change. This is our own habits of use, but also the habit of universal netizens! For ordinary visitors, you may lose a business opportunity, and for a search engine you might lose your good rank. The search engine judge a website good or bad standard very big factor and this website opens the speed to relate, search engines rely on the spider to crawl the site page data, the spider's working standards are based on the use of ordinary people to set up, spiders do not contain any emotional factors, and its work time is also not accurate, Large sites typically crawl data every few hours, small web sites or slow-moving sites sometimes crawl data every few weeks, so what happens if a spider comes to collect data and your site is stuck with a technical problem that doesn't open up to the spider's face? Light down right (drop your site's score weight, Search engine ranking mechanism plainly is the search engine to give you grade, and then according to the comprehensive score to determine your ranking, do a good bonus points, do not buckle points. , heavy K Station, if the punishment is likely to lead to your early efforts into a bubble. I said that the search engine optimization is based on the standard search engine to the comprehensive transformation of the site, so that the enterprise site to increase the friendliness between the search engine to achieve increased access to the site!

Given these factors, we have a yardstick for choosing space for our corporate Web site:

1. Choose a good reputation of large companies, large companies have more advanced equipment, anti-virus attack ability is very strong, after-sales service and maintenance work is good, I am deeply experienced. Small companies are many products are agents of large companies, small companies do not have the strength to build their own hardware facilities.

2. According to the requirements of the company's Web site to choose the size of the appropriate space, such as the general corporate Web site with 200-300MB space is enough, if you have to buy a 2G or more space that is undoubtedly wasting resources, more money do not say, you simply do not use so much space.

3. Do not covet cheap buy so-called free host or cheap host; as the saying goes, a penny a penny, how much money to get the service, these applications in this is not false. Many small businesses or individuals to build the site often in this calculation of how much they can save, tell you the truth, you think that you have saved or earned, in fact, you have to pay for their own savings, may not see, but soon you will find! After these examples I will be in other articles to tell you how you feel. Since the CN domain name is now 1 yuan can be bought to lead to the domestic breeding a lot of garbage stations, most of these waste sites are greedy for cheap use of free host, so some companies are not used to the free host, stability is too bad, even including large companies are no exception!

4. To take into account the needs of visitors, enterprises to choose the space to consider the site is facing the target customers are from what region, is the national or international. Only do domestic business to choose the speed of space can be, do international business to consider the choice of space for the target area, so that the people in the region to browse the site quickly, to meet the user's experience, and increase the friendliness of the search engine. Now a lot of space to provide trial service, before the purchase can be a trial of 3 days, if you do not understand the company can first try to see how the effect, the effect of a good payment!

5. Do not believe all the company propaganda of the double or three-line space; According to a friend of mine who has worked in IDC, those so-called double line is cheat layman, now domestic can provide dual line service is also very few very powerful big company, and technology is imperfect, open speed is inferior to single wire telecommunication or netcom space fast.

These are all of us in the choice of host space must pay attention to the matter, if there are other need to pay attention to I will add up, at present, I personally think that these words are basically no problem, for the enterprise site is stable + fast. At present, according to my statistics general large company's space is 200--300MB charge for 300 yuan/year, too high or too low generally have problems, these data are for you to refer to, if you have any questions please go to the website Guestbook message consultation.

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