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Srinivasan, Wired columnist, has asserted that humans are migrating to the clouds.

Srinivasan that human life has become increasingly inseparable from the Internet-style service model, the most prominent manifestation is that many things in the atomic world has been bit, and in the face of the things that can not be bit, human beings have their coping methods-to deal with atomic things in bits.

To count the bits of the things around us, books, movies and music have now created countless great companies, and the things that cannot be put to bits have spawned countless potential startups in recent years, insisting on the use of bits (or Internet thinking) to transform these industries, And it scares the traditional practitioners, as Airbnb has revolutionized the hotel industry or uber the taxi industry. Airbnb, which has raised 450 million and valued $10 billion trillion, is enough to show that capital markets have good expectations for such companies.

Lumoid is also a company of this kind, founded by Aarthi Ramamurthy in Silicon Valley. The things they want to change look more difficult-you don't have to buy new digital devices and hire them. Although this approach is not new, but through the power of the Internet-a large amount of information matching and the huge long tail effect, can effectively maximize the benefits.

Currently Lumoid's rental services include cameras and lens accessories. Consumers buy these products, less than hundreds of dollars and more than thousands of dollars. Consumers use Lumoid to charge 8--18 dollars a day. Lumoid's approach is more akin to the idea of the cloud-the device is the service. With the popularity of Internet services, especially cloud services, what devices users use or whose device access services have become irrelevant. For the user, you end up with a service, and the less the device is, the better. For photography enthusiasts, taking a picture is far more meaningful than taking care of a camera.

Lumoid's goal is by no means limited to camera leasing. Like Amazon's first book as the main position, and then extended into a million-goods shop. Lumoid also plans to expand to more areas, including wearable devices, game consoles, 3D printers, and so on. For now, these devices have some commonality: expensive, such as SLR and 3D printers, low usage rates, or only specific use scenarios, such as game consoles or wearable devices. But the handset, the tablet, the notebook computer Such price is moderate, the use rate high equipment is not lumoid in the near future can cover.

In a short time, people can not fully adapt to the use of rental equipment. But in fact, when a person owns three or more equipment (such as you have a notebook, tablet, mobile phone), his ability to control the equipment will be greatly reduced, the value of equipment is also greatly reduced. If we are not buying for the use of equipment, leasing these equipment is very appropriate both economically and psychologically. Of course, if you are a collector of digital devices and not bad money, buying them will make you feel more satisfied.

From ownership to the right to use, is the Internet era brought to mankind the largest mental model of transformation. "In the near future, it is likely that I will no longer have any music, books or movies," Kelly in the technical element. Instead, by paying subscription fees or taxes, I can access all the music, books, and movies directly from the online server. ”

Today, more and more people are accustomed to buying music with itunes, downloading books at the Kindle store, and using video sites to watch movies and TV dramas. If music, books, movies can realize the bit of survival, then digital equipment why not?

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