The combination of group buying business and electronic commerce

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Group buying is also called collection, is the group purchase and collective procurement of the abbreviation, its essence is to have the same purchase intention of the scattered consumers together, to the manufacturers of bulk purchase behavior (the essence is wholesale).

The benefits of

group buying

The benefits of group buying are mainly manifested in two aspects: first, the purchase price is lower than the lowest retail prices of products, the second is the quality of products and services can be effectively guaranteed. Group buying can bring the above benefits: one is to participate in group buying can effectively reduce the transaction costs of consumers, in the guarantee of quality and service under the premise of a reasonable low price. Group buying in essence is equivalent to wholesale, group purchase price is equivalent to the number of products in group purchase wholesale prices.

Group buying business and the combination of E-commerce

The current group is the organizer through such as forum and other communication methods to initiate a group purchase call, other steps, including drafting letters, signing commissioned, the participants pay money, organizers and businessmen to negotiate procurement, delivery, etc. are all through the line, the process is complex and inefficient. Through the form of E-commerce to achieve group buying business will be a trend, at present many E-commerce sites have this realization, a more common place, is the platform for Group buying commissioned by the notary party. such as Taobao through the characteristics of Alipay to ensure that participants (buyers) to buy the organizer (seller) Trust to support the smooth development of group buying, such as some E-commerce sites through regular rebate form directly as the organizer of group buying is also a good way. In short, through the combination of E-commerce and group buying business, the key is to resolve the participants to the organizers trust. The following is an elaboration of two processes:

Taobao Group Buying process

1. When buying a buy baby, the buyer must first pay the full amount of the reservation, including postage and treasure, before the booking is successful. 2. Buyers to buy immediately, can also be purchased immediately by the original price, but also to pay the full payment after the purchase success, the number of successful bookings, otherwise not counted as a successful purchase, also does not count the number of successful booking. 3. If the balance of Alipay is insufficient, the buyer must first flush enough amount into the Alipay account before the reservation can be successful. 4. If booking but not paid, buyers can go to "my Taobao-> Group buy Baby" in the Alipay reservation. 5. In addition to all the treasures are booked successfully, the group purchase baby will be at the end of the trading cycle 1 hours after the formal end, the buyer has the right to continue to pay the reservation within this hour, but not the right to create new reservations. 6. Group Purchase baby officially ended, the number of successful booking to reach the minimum number of group buys will be set up. Taobao will automatically convert the reservation to the transaction money into the seller Alipay account. Both buyers and sellers cannot change the payment amount during the booking process. 7. If the official end, the number of successful booking is less than the minimum number of group purchase, group purchase failure. Taobao will automatically refund the reservation to the buyer.

rebate form of group buying process 1. Merchants set Group buying rules for certain items, including setting the group buy base; 2. Customers in the purchase of goods, if the product support group buy, it will appear to participate in Group Purchase button, if customers are willing to join group buying to buy the process, otherwise in accordance with ordinary orders deal. 3. After the group purchase, follow the ordinary order Processing. 4. The order is classified as an order for return purchase. 5. To the rebate cycle (month, quarter, etc.) system to generate reports, to participate in the purchase of customers to return profits.

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