The commercial development of electric business needs good policy and legal environment

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Since the birth of China's first professional E-commerce Web site Chinese chemical Network. China's e-commerce industry has been greatly developed. Recently, China has included Alibaba, focus on science and technology, Network Sheng Business PO, HC network, including many business-to-business E-commerce listed companies, as well as Taobao, ebay, Tencent Pat Net, Baidu Consumer-to-consumer Company, as well as the outstanding Amazon, Jingdong Mall, Dangdang, new eggs china, VANCL, red children, Walk Xiu Net, Lok Amoy NET, only product will, fashion uprising, Massamasso, wheat bag, clothing network, diamond birds, Le You, wheat net, Davigny, SHOPEX, Bono, and other services companies, as well as Alipay, Tenpay, hundred Pay, PayPal, fast money, yeepay payment and other well-known Third-party payment platform.

According to the China e-Commerce Research Center will be released in the first half of 2010 China E-commerce Market Monitoring Report survey data show: As of June 2010, the total number of e-commerce sites in China has reached 20,700. Among them, business-to-business E-commerce service Enterprises have 8,200, business, Consumer-to-consumer and other Non-mainstream mode of enterprises up to 12,500. The total number of E-commerce sites is expected to exceed 23,000 in 2010.

However, like other industries in the national economy, the development and operation of E-commerce also requires a good policy and legal environment. In order to guide and promote the development of electronic commerce, regulate and standardize e-commerce behavior, at present, the country from different angles to the development of E-commerce faced by the policy and legal issues are studied, or are being formulated and implemented the relevant E-COMMERCE policies and regulations.

In this regard, China Electronic Commerce Research Center, China Electronic commerce expert Zhang Zhouping analyst, special to the country in recent years, the introduction of E-commerce policies and regulations have been collected and collated, and given a reading of the comments, power supply business and the news media, the relevant government departments, trade associations for reference.

In addition, recently we intend to "China e-Commerce Research Center special researcher" project platform Http://, through the research center with authoritative brand resources, a wide range of social communication resources, accurate million user resources, Professional research and analysis of resources, as well as a large number of enterprise database resources for China's E-commerce research and practical field of experts, to build a cover for personal display, opinion dissemination, results sharing, research, project cooperation, Third-party Service platform.

E-commerce class:

State Council: Some opinions on speeding up the development of electronic commerce (January 2005)

Ministry of Commerce: guiding opinions on online transactions (draft for soliciting opinions) (June 2006)

Ministry of Commerce: guidance opinions on online transactions (provisional) (March 2007)

Ministry of Commerce: comments on promoting the development of electronic commerce norms (December 2007)

Ministry of Commerce: "Electronic Business Model Specification" (April 2008)

Ministry of Commerce: opinions on speeding up the development of electronic commerce in circulation field (November 2009)

Network Shopping Category:

Standing Committee of the National People's Congress: the PRC Consumer Protection Act (October 1993)

NPC Standing Committee: Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China (October 2001)

Business Reform Department of Mofcom: code for online shopping services (April 2008)

State Administration for industry and commerce: interim measures for the administration of online commodity transactions and related services (May 2010) Download Interpretation report

Electronic Payment Category:

People's Bank of China: administrative measures for payment and liquidation organizations (draft for soliciting opinions) (June 2005)

People's Bank of China: Electronic Payment Guidelines (number one) (October 2005)

People's Bank of China: Circular on strengthening the safety management of bank cards to prevent and combat bank card Crimes (April 2009)

People's Bank of China: Measures for the administration of payment services for non-financial institutions (June 2010) Click to download Interpretation report

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