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Just above A5 saw that a webmaster Encyclopedia interview seowhy Interview Content, feel also need to write a little something out, need to warm up again, start in the company when the work is still reading this article, make the experience all urge me to go, I said after reading the article to go, and so I modified to go, Valuable articles and insights are always worth thinking about, next how to go, how to do, see other people's wonderful answers also want to make their own explanations, this explanation is to put other people's words with their own ideas to write out, and then a good note, on their own is a very powerful improvement, like I last SEO, Good at thinking and discovering articles, but also need good thinking, thinking is really important, progress is the success of others to absorb, and then become one of their own ability, not to say, write about the feeling of the interview

First of all, Baidu home page In addition to bidding is some portal site, such as 58 of the same city, market, Alibaba, and so on the inside page, Baidu found in the home page of these large portal site, the second page of the click on the less, that this user experience is the highest, in fact, this Baidu adjusted a reason, This answer, feel the existence of Baidu 11, Baidu 11 is an experiment, Baidu to you on the above you can be on top, I have a website is like this, especially the daily adjustment, the morning on top, the evening to 11 places, In fact, this is also Baidu to look at this keyword in the home page and in 11-bit time to the user experience, a little bit of adjustment, I feel as long as you stand in the first two pages of Baidu, is to have the opportunity to the homepage, Baidu will test the user experience, on the details, Baidu here is to do.

About the link text, coagulation fly son in Baidu Webmaster Club see, if the same link text and address appear many times, finally Baidu calculate weight time will only calculate once, the other is no effect. About the Cms+bbs+blog this system that the teacher says, is a good example, in any case to learn SEO, is a visitor, keep this visitor is the key, like a favorite folder, something nothing come up, learn something, here Forum BBS is a good interactive platform, Plus the blog system, the integration of each person's recent feelings and articles, Seowhy's model is strong. About the long tail keyword, the teacher said that there are at least 10 times long tail keyword, this is very important, and then use the guide words to seduce spiders, so that spiders improve the relevance of the keyword, strong, I remember in an interview before the teacher said SEO keyword seo density up to 10%, this should be according to the pattern (just guessing, haven't seen it yet). In the case of excessive optimization, the teacher mentioned that the optimization of the source form of the home page can not be too single, the link text can not be too single, the source address can not be too single, to be comprehensive and as, here is to use their own resources to solve the most important sentence, important and secondary proportions: 4 and 1.

About the optimization of the long tail keyword, everyone knows this is the main source of the site IP, unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to deal with large-scale site SEO and strategy, here can only be as much as possible to understand the teacher's advice and habits, on my own, can only do a little bit of optimization, for the optimization of large web sites, Always need a good strategy, a powerful execution, get enough long tail words to generate enough traffic, and then as seowhy as possible to keep every visitor, do a forum or question and answer system, for every learning and want to think of people service, here to me the feeling is that the user is the king (Suddenly remembered the martial arts of the classic sentence above "I have someone above").

The feeling is here, although the large-scale industry site has not yet been contacted, 10W page for me is just a small look forward to it, but there will be a chance, coagulation fly son, 2010.11.29,qq,1245565496, hope to know more friends. You can also take a look at the content, perhaps you will have a new harvest. This article by the webmaster feeds!

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