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Recently many friends asked how to do the website well? How to make the search engine rank high? How does the search engine not update the website? King Dragon thinks: The content is kingly, this is King Dragon has always adhered to a principle!

My first website. Xinxiang College Forum was established in April 09, the original purpose is to use the line of community relations to operate the Web site, to the major associations to establish their own plate to transport the dimension. But gradually found that school students do not like on the forum but Baidu Bar! Every day's IP is not on the 10, they are very sad.

But I accidentally saw someone else search for another school name and enter my site when I suddenly think why not to do a local student community, so in the case of not changing the domain name, in the early June when the Xinxiang college students online!

Because the site has replaced all the systems, using the Sing Uc+ss+dz+uchome, so the search engine delay can not update the site, but King Dragon always adhere to update the article every day, update content, finally at the end of June, when the search engine began to accept my site, Update their own daily content, update the website news, of course, occasionally also collect!

PR rose to 2 in August. Oneself is very excited, at the same time also insist hair article, send news, gradually website traffic has, at the end of October PR rose to 3. I am more convinced that the content is kingly. At the end of December, that is, the last Google PR update when their PR rose to 4. Here I give you share a grassroots webmaster to do the station experience!

1, domain name: Before doing the station must think good domain name, otherwise in the station to do after the domain name of the word more trouble, need to do 301, and also to wait for the search engine to recognize you!

2, Space: The space must be stable, the Xinxiang University student online space is buys in the friend there, the stability is very good, and the server does not have any trash station, also for me to do the station to give a lot of help.

3, site Template: If the use of CMS system template should be selected before the line, in the choice of not casual changes, and I choose the best time with Div. Xinxiang University students online because the middle of a few changes in the template in this respect to eat a lot of losses!

4, the site's title, keywords, description: This in the site before the line must be done well, once the line is not arbitrary changes, especially the new station, if you have changed these after the collection, the search engine will be a long time to audit your site, or even K station.

5, Content: Content is kingly, this is also a site's core, adhere to a fixed time every day to publish content, long time after the search engine will often patronize your site. Xinxiang University students online because in the early days of the update content is more stable, search engine updates every day, but after December because of working relationship, not too much time management site, search engine is not frequented!

6, Other: Do webmaster must have patience, perseverance, and can not be urgent, only to do these, can achieve real strong!

This is king Dragon to do a point of view, I hope we can include a lot, there are wrong places on a lot of advice! In fact, the highest level of SEO optimization is no SEO, the site do a good job, the user experience (UEO) do a good job, the ranking of the site went up!

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