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Third, the overall view of the relationship between consumers and the company improve the operation process

No matter how big the company's product line is, how complex the organization is, we need to maintain the integrity of our business in our dealings with our customers, and strive to improve our customer-related workflow:

(1) Provide one-stop service to customers;

Customers like to work with companies that offer a one-stop service. It used to be that business managers tended to take care of customer needs, but from the point of view of E-commerce, "one stop shop" means that, regardless of whether there is a dedicated service, customers will be able to cross the product and technical departments of the layer of restrictions, at any time from the online access to information, the implementation of transactions or request services. Not only does it deter customers from relationships with business people or technicians, but it also assists customers in reducing friction during fast and efficient trading. The integration of information and services across product lines is a challenge, both at the technical and organizational levels. When a customer buys a product from a different product line to the company, what department does he belong to? is the department willing to share basic customer information with other colleagues? What if someone wants to revise or supplement the customer's basic information? In addition to dealing with people across product lines, customers often interact with various departments within the enterprise, Now many large and medium-sized enterprises have established a customer service center to unify the internal and customer relationship, when customers have any needs and problems, as long as the contact with customer service can be resolved. In the network environment we can better do a one-stop service. Let's see what we can do next.

(2) The establishment of all customer-related information;

First of all, we should integrate all customer information into a single and easily accessible database, whether it is dealing with customer complaints, invoicing for loans, completing millions of transactions, or tracking the delivery status of goods, all records with customers should be included in a well planned database. Every employee who is likely to be in contact with the customer can be accessed at any time. How to effectively establish customer-related information, we need to consider the following:

1 to build a customer-centric information system, we need to identify the end users and build a database of their own.

2 The establishment of information-sharing corporate culture, so that all staff can see the relationship with the customer as a whole, so that enterprises can profit.

3 Design information flow from outside. To redesign the information flow from the customer's point of view, it is necessary to make great effort to improve the existing product-centered information system.

(3) Improve the work flow related to the consumer;

When we identify who we are serving, we should rethink the workflow from their perspective. It is often easier to make process changes for agents, retailers, and purchasers, which is certainly the best way to work, because doing so will help the access easier to serve the end customer. Sometimes it takes a constant effort and constant revision to find a convenient end-customer model, and we can start with customer surveys to understand their needs and then wait patiently for results and responses. We can also from the past, customers complain about the most problems to amend, the cycle of efforts, will certainly be satisfied with the customer.

BC Transportation has done a lot of work in this area. BC Transportation Company opened a Web site in 1996 to publish bus and ferry schedules and road maps, as well as a lot of information: including maps, which buses provide disabled people services, which cars can carry pets, bicycles and so on. Customers are happy with this extra information, but they want more. They want to know whether the shuttle bus and ferry are on time, and they want to learn about the real-time shift through the website and the telephone voice system. Therefore, BC Transportation company will be the real-time shift consulting system with the local consultation system, now, passengers can soon know whether the bus will be in his 15 minutes to the station.

(4) Let the whole process open to the full.

In order to be more conducive to the production of consumer workflow, but also for a better continuous improvement process, we need a full range of open the entire workflow. The express industry has become one of the best examples. In the past, we sent goods to express, usually only "believe" it will be delivered to the destination on time. If this item is very important, we can only insure it or give it to a more secure SpeedPost company. FedEx changed all this, he is the first online delivery process of The courier company, to allow customers to track air parcels online. In this way, not only can customers check the shipping status of the goods themselves, the company can also easily collect information to provide to customers. In addition, FedEx now also provides an email service that allows the sender to notify the recipient that the goods are already on the road. This is a highly successful differentiation strategy, allowing FedEx to extend his competitive edge.

The research on how to use Internet to integrate enterprise's workflow is a research topic for the enterprises of different nature. Xinlong always focus on how to help enterprises more efficient use of the Internet, we will launch a study on this issue, welcome to participate in the discussion of enterprises

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