The Creation of Warcraft players: A few important skills of cat de realism

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The cat-type druids in World of Warcraft have not been the most popular characters, and the relevant technical stickers are not very precise.  And many of the quail have a prostrate on the ground output/kill the heart, here on the cat's several important skills to do a simple and clear diagram, I hope to help you.  First of all, cat's most important skill, sneak--The skill point: can't let people see the face!  And then there's the preemptive strike--the point of skill: even if it's a quail that eats baby spices, the elevation should be lowered as low as possible, and the short is found! Hands to the enemy a horse, no more than the momentum of oblique-skill points: Some of the enemy's face is long, look at the scratch ~[page] now is the Earth people know that the cat must keep the buff, fierce roaring-skill points: the mouth to Zhang big enough, rest assured that your chin is not so easy to fall down ~ Next AH , that sentence, you think I am a sick cat ah, I am the wrath of the Tigers CD ~ Druids The most powerful place is not hurt, but the momentum. Look at Bear T's big Butt, look at the chilly eyes of the tree, listen to quail's screams, oh no, roar.  Cat virtue is the mouth of the teeth!—— ferocious bite-Big brother did not bathe a few days hair all have taste O () o[page] Of course, sometimes will lose, why not wait for the ~--you know what the skills are-how do you know I like to eat old Beijing chicken rolls?  Well, the following skills, although not written in the book, but also well-known: not good, read the bar!  Hey, do you think I'm like a goat?  That's it, huh? ———— Skill Points: If you want to be handsome, I suggest you wash a dark hair so that it looks like a black thing ash to go to Tesla ~[page] after a long hard workout and learning cat D has learned to mislead! Why is the grace of a leopard a passive skill? Because it is born.  A close-up: Finally a passionate video showing the appeal of wild charge. (Digging the shell net)
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