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Absrtact: The recent Lenovo creation competition has been booming, and a number of innovative works have emerged. These works can be said to represent the contemporary Chinese folk to create the highest level of tourists. This wireless mouse design mainly with white as the keynote, combined with the

of biology

The recent Lenovo creation competition has been booming, and a number of innovative works have emerged. These works can be said to represent the contemporary Chinese folk to create the highest level of tourists.


The design of the wireless mouse mainly white for the keynote, combined with the characteristics of biological curves, design style simple fashion, simple and smooth modeling. In addition, laser sensors are used to control the movement of the cursor, allowing the cursor to be controlled anywhere, without the need for additional mouse pads. In the use of products, just the product end of the USB sensor unplugged, plug in the computer's USB interface, and then buckle the right hand of the index finger fixed product position, You can complete all the operations.


Lenovo mobile phone resonance speaker is a traditional technology and modern design concept of the combination of ceramic resonance sound, no power, the characteristics of natural amplification in line with the future Low-carbon environmental protection design trends. Ceramics are good materials for making musical instruments since ancient times. After testing, for the same piece of music, this speaker through the sound of the convergence and resonance, the maximum sound can increase the loudness of more than 12 decibels, that is, the intensity of the sound increase to the original 15 times times! The sound intensity of the human ear increases to over twice times the original, and the timbre is improved markedly.

These two designs are all derivatives of electronic products, and they are a kind of rethinking and positioning of existing products. In fact, this intrinsic spirit coincides with Lenovo's core philosophy. As a leading enterprise of international innovation and technology, Lenovo is committed to becoming the leader of the PC era, creating revolutionary products such as tablet notebooks and desktop computers. Its strong innovation strength has been widely recognized by the global industry, 2013 Lenovo was named "Ces year the most innovative enterprises." But Lenovo is not only satisfied with this, but also in the original product based on continuous improvement, Ideapad Yoga is the latest representative.

Yoga from the concept to the finished product from the time of eight years, it is Lenovo's first use of the Windows 8 operating system of the ultra-polar, is Lenovo Plate super pole of the mountain, but also Lenovo to dominate the 2012 new generation of super market important weapons. Its biggest feature is the addition of a touch screen that allows 360° to open and close, assembling the advantages of traditional ultra-polar and tablet computers, and bringing about a completely different use experience.

From this we can also see Lenovo in the younger route, with a broader vision of the global science and technology, art, design and other fields of innovation trends. Based on the concept of mobile internet innovation, Lenovo is actively committed to quickly turn to the user experience as the center of the mobile Interconnection enterprises, the creation of a customer competition is a new attempt, but also Lenovo to create a new interpretation of the spirit.

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