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"Where does Daddy Go" variety show version, film version, have used large data technology, accurate grasp target audience, achieved very good results. (Information picture)

Original title: Where does the data go?

This year, "Big Data" was first written into the government's work report. From the movie "Where does Dad go" to Amazon Auto recommendation, the big data age of the cultural industry-

After the two sessions, the State Council issued the first document is "on the promotion of cultural creativity and design services and related industries to integrate the development of a number of views", which explicitly put forward to promote the production of cultural products and services, dissemination, consumption of digital, networked process. Using the current hottest Internet digital technology, "big data" like a good doctor, from "Small Time" to "where Dad go," from the Amazon to Amoy flower nets, time and again to touch the pulse of cultural consumption.

Know what you want

"Large data" has significant application value for cultural consumption with high degree of individuation.

This year's Valentine's Day, the second season of "card House" in the United States, Netflix and China's "Sohu video" synchronized. By the morning of March 19, Sohu's "card House" cumulative click Volume in the second quarter has reached 48.26 million times.

The success of the card house is derived from the accurate analysis and application of "big Data", what to shoot, who to shoot, who to play, how to sow, are determined by the preferences of tens of millions of of viewers. This "foresight" of the ability to make "big data" not only for products to find more suitable consumers, but also can make ads accurate delivery, bring better marketing results.

"Big Data" is actually a full data analysis based on all consumer needs. "Tongshemmei, a researcher at the Institute of Digital Publishing, China Institute of Journalism and Publishing. By analyzing the "traces" of the customer's online behavior, such as what sites have been logged in, what keywords have been searched, and what goods and services have been purchased, understand the depth of customer needs and thus achieve accurate marketing of targeted users.

In the "Amazon" site of the book sales area, has achieved the use of "large data" operations to replace the professional book review staff recommended books. When a user searches for a book, the page immediately lists all of the author's works, and also shows which one was purchased by the user. Different users log on to the "Amazon" home page, presenting a different content, and this personalized home page is based on the purchaser's search, add the purchase car and the "wish list" content and the next single record generated. Based on these shopping "traces", the site can recommend books that may be of interest to users.

Make what you want

At present, the "Big Data" analysis is being applied to the film industry's script selection, shooting, marketing and other links. This year during the Spring Festival, "Where does Dad go" big movie, box-office receipts more than 680 million yuan. The successful marketing of the film also has the credit for big data. According to the introduction, the film propaganda team did the most thing is data analysis. How it works, as you can see from an example-because discovering 80% of the "fans" are women, most of the promo styles are determined to be soft and tender.

For the publishing industry, the changes brought about by "big data" are more subversive. "It has changed the content-centered model of traditional book production, turning to customer demand as the core and providing more accurate service to everyone's needs." Tongshemmei explained.

Many traditional publishing industry practitioners are also trying to use "large data" to achieve the transformation and upgrading of book production mode, the original president of China Youth Publishing house, publisher Hu Showen is one of them. He works with a data company hoping to develop a topic based on an analysis of user behavior. The traditional editing and publishing process has formed a kind of inertia, is limited by the editors ' personal knowledge and quality, and the author team contacted by editors has become the radius of the book production. "Hu Showen said," and through the "Big Data" analysis, equivalent to the establishment of a strong "million Brain Library", a variety of information together, can generate a "golden". ”

Discover what you can't imagine.

The biggest change that "big data" brings to cultural product marketing is actually the change of idea.

"In the traditional marketing model, material products and spiritual products are completely different needs, it is impossible to bundle together sales." But through large data analysis, we find that there is actually a correlation between the two. "It also means new sales space," Tongshemmei said. ”

Alibaba, a company specializing in the use of electronic books website "Amoy Flower Net", has been the ebook and daily sales of goods combined to achieve a good marketing effect. Originally, "Amoy flower Nets" through the analysis of a large number of customer purchase traces, found that E-book readers are more than "the" white-collar women, and most of them have entered the marriage and childbearing period. So the site will be pregnant baby supplies and pregnancy, parenting e-books put together for sale, so that such e-books in a short period of time to reach 100,000 volumes of sales. Amazon has also tried to recommend childcare books to customers who buy children's books, and book sales have also increased dramatically.

In this way, through large data analysis, marketing agents can quickly find which products are highly correlated, users may be associated with the purchase. Tying marketing to items that were previously considered impossible to sell at the same time often brings unexpected results. (Economic daily reporter Dan)

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