The current situation and promotion of database marketing in Chinese enterprises

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CCTV recently in 3.15 burst SMS spam news, we are very concerned about, this kind of short message marketing is database marketing?

Miss Wang:

This is a great misunderstanding of database marketing. If the bulk of the message is the database marketing, then the street disorderly posting of small ads, and junk cards, is advertising. Ha ha

In fact, the bulk of SMS between the database marketing and advertising, can be said to be the lowest level of database marketing form, not our advocacy database marketing. We are very grateful to CCTV exposure SMS spam, database Marketing to healthy development, the need for media, enterprises and consumers to participate. We plan to run a forum in May to discuss this topic.

SMS is originally a very good database marketing interactive media, but in China, SMS spam in the marketing market based on SMS can be as high as 90%, it is a terrible figure.

Truly effective, taking into account the environmental costs, and customer relationship to the database marketing, is often based on the license of the database marketing, that is, in the case of consumer licensing, such as you registered users, participated in a certain club, to the consumer to send relevant information, and not necessarily product information.

One company has accumulated nearly 1 million customer licenses, with very detailed mobile phone master information, but because of the high cost of licensing data, many companies prefer to choose SMS spam. I believe that when companies are aware of the damage caused by the brand and customer relationships, and the government controls, more and more companies will opt for licensed SMS, email and telemarketing.


I think the concept of database marketing is very messy, there are many similar concepts, such as direct marketing, CRM, membership marketing, precision marketing and so on, what is the difference between them, you can simply explain what is the database marketing?

Miss Wang:

Database marketing in China is indeed a very confusing concept, each enterprise's understanding of database marketing may be different, such as you put forward the last question, many people think that send a lot of text messages, is the database marketing, there is a company has accumulated a large number of customer and marketing data, He felt that database marketing is a simple collection and classification of these databases, and so on.

The different understanding actually needs the talented person, the technology, the function is completely different, this is also why many companies cannot recruit the suitable database marketing talented person, even if meets the most suitable, the enterprise often also does not know. or potential database marketing talent in the company's marketing management environment is difficult to play a role.

So the senior and marketing director of the enterprise must first make clear what their needs are database marketing. From what we know, it is more practical to understand database marketing from these aspects:

From the data source, one is based on the external customer list, a customer list based on internal accumulation and marketing data. From the marketing function, one is to plan and implement a market activity based on customer database, a database analysis or mining, the former we call direct marketing, the latter is the database marketing.

From the depth point of view, the enterprise database marketing in three stages, the vast majority in the mass stage, mass and licensing of mass, and unlicensed mass, as well as junk, For example, the previous 3.15 exposure cases; The second stage is customer segmentation and marketing follow-up; in fact, the most effective database marketing, is customer relationship marketing, is in the process of promoting customer relationship, grasp the sales opportunities, market, sales and service integration, few domestic companies into this stage, Even if he's already on the CRM system.

For these nouns, our China Online Research Center is defined in this way: precision marketing is a relative name, but the core of true precision marketing must be database marketing, otherwise it is a gimmick; if you compare marketing to making a movie, you are the foreground actor, and the database marketing is the backstage screenwriter, makeup artist and photographer , and the enterprise is the Director of the whole play, director is the soul, is the foreground and backstage to integrate the key color. In fact, many of the company's marketing director, the traditional extensive marketing and advertising model deep-rooted, if not change the concept, it is difficult to be competent director role, doomed to database marketing is bad.


Database marketing in the domestic just started, please talk about database marketing and traditional marketing methods compared to what is unique?

Miss Wang:

In fact, any enterprise is more or less, local use of database marketing means to carry out marketing, such as to send a direct mail to customers, the telephone invited customers to participate in meetings to send customers e-mail magazine. But the database marketing is not so simple as to bring a larger and sustained growth to the sales of the enterprise through database marketing.

Compared with the traditional extensive marketing, database marketing is simply the basis of interactive media, all marketing decisions and marketing activities are based on the analysis of various customer and marketing data, and quantitative assessment, continuous improvement of marketing. A metaphor is easier to understand:

If traditional marketing is likened to the extensive production field, then the database marketing is "lean production";

If the traditional marketing to achieve the "extensive business growth", then the strategic significance of database marketing is to achieve "intensive business growth" over the past few years, the management sector has a very popular word, is "executive power", I understand the "executive power" The core is: executive power is actually a process of continuous improvement and management through reflection, and the traditional marketing so-called executive power is very poor, such as the enterprise spent hundreds of millions of yuan, very efficient comprehensive in the major media dozen countless ads, but after the ad went out still did not really understand how these ads have played a big role, It is not known what works and how to improve scientifically. The waste of traditional marketing and advertising unspoken rules is very alarming, no database marketing, "Marketing executive power" can never be implemented.


At present, the development of software technology and database marketing theory has come to such a stage, the enterprise each order can be accurately tracked, what kind of enterprise needs database marketing, what stage to import the best?

Miss Wang:

Theoretically, any enterprise can use database marketing, but in the face of mass customer products, database marketing application is relatively small, because the mass media unit cost is the lowest. But some use database marketing for research, or brand-building is also a good tool, such as Coca-Cola and Tencent cooperation, the accumulation of 8 million of active consumption of data, database marketing itself is very successful brand marketing, but also for the future of traditional marketing to save a lot of costs, discriminating, as well as "McDonald's" The message club can deepen customer relationship to improve customer loyalty, and "Help treasure suitable" Mom club can stimulate consumers repeat consumption.

However, the most in-depth database marketing applications are often more decentralized customers (such as training), the higher margin of goods (such as cars), the opportunity to cross-sell more (such as retail), or customer procurement decisions more complex (such as real estate), or subscription business (such as banking, telecommunications, etc.).

At the same time, the combination of database marketing and direct marketing can create a lot of new business models, such as PPG through the network and direct mail media to sell shirts, the recent Mai Lin's "multi-channel retail mode" has been 80 million of the VC, the core of business model is database marketing. But frankly, even if these all rely on database marketing established sales model, database marketing is also very elementary, did not form the core competitive advantages and barriers, so the database marketing to marketers in China still have a lot of space to develop.


are luxury and high-end customer database marketing effective?

Miss Wang:

If a lot of the database marketing to understand, to find the target customers, to send them promotional mail, this so-called "database marketing" is not suitable for luxury goods and high-end customers.

Our research found that the development of Chinese enterprise database marketing is generally divided into three stages, the first is the promotion of mass, the current 90% of the enterprise in this stage, followed by Customer segmentation and follow-up, many enterprises have begun, the highest realm is customer relationship marketing. It may be that many people think that they have already started customer relationship marketing on the CRM system,---wrong. Whether an enterprise enters the stage of customer relationship marketing depends on how the enterprise can through various channels, including electronic channels, such as call center, email, MSN, also including sales staff, and store shop assistant, to carry out continuous mutual willingness to communicate, this communication is not a short-term promotion, but to establish a long-term customer relationship, In the process of establishing a relationship, a natural opportunity arises.

Luxury marketing can not be separated from the brand and face-to-face communication, the significance of database marketing in communication with all the unified management, to ensure the continuity of communication, unity and relevance, at the same time through face-to-face communication to reduce marketing costs, improve marketing efficiency.

For example, Vanke, although not on the CRM system, but does not prevent her to become the real estate industry to do the best customer relationship marketing enterprises, of course, further improve customer relationship marketing does need it support.

China Merchants Bank in the credit card business invested a lot of money, accumulated a large number of customers, but the customer relationship did not do well, a large number of bulk SMS unknowingly damage the value of customers, managers do not see such data.


Where is the difficulty of developing database marketing in domestic enterprises?

Miss Wang:

Domestic enterprises to carry out database marketing does exist a lot of misunderstanding, there are many difficulties to overcome. The biggest bottleneck is talent. This is why we, as a third party consulting planners, take training as one of the important businesses. The biggest obstacle is the company's management and marketing Director's concept, we know that the traditional, extensive, perceptual advertising marketing concept deep-rooted. Some managers think that database marketing is the next thing, part of the marketing, the idea is wrong. Under such a concept, even if there is a good talent can not play a role, and the actual situation is often impossible to find the right person. Just like 10 years ago, the enterprise recruit it talent, just to see if he is learning computer, will not write program code. Database Marketing Talent Recruitment is at this stage, first of all to see whether the math or statistics, and then see if the database analysis software, how much data management. Now the enterprise to find it understand that first should find the CIO, and then the software architect, as to the writing code is not the core, can even outsource.

An enterprise to carry out effective database marketing often requires a team, including leaders, direct marketing planning talent (and advertising planning is different), data analysis personnel and it technical support personnel, but also include project management personnel, subdivision may also need professional interactive channel planning and operation of talent, such as call center operations management personnel, e-mail and network marketing personnel.

The vast majority of enterprises can not have a comprehensive talent, a lot of work could be outsourced, but the enterprise does not have a marketing, it and data, management and business are more knowledgeable people, it is difficult to say business processes effectively outsourced, and effective management.


What are you going to do about the situation at home?

Miss Wang:

This year we have found a better profit model to help companies quickly improve marketing returns and quantify the effectiveness of services. We work with database marketing software companies to provide the enterprise with the overall database marketing solutions and marketing planning services, in accordance with the increase in sales of enterprises to pay service costs.

At present, we have developed a software platform based on the theory of database marketing to track all orders, from the media, whether there is duplication of consumption, but also through the site and search engines to collect, record and track the behavior of customers through the CRM system for the development of telemarketing, e-mail and text messages and other marketing.

For example, a company using our database marketing software system, we help them to enhance the ability of direct marketing, even planning TV, network, directory and other direct marketing, all media advertising in accordance with sales, pay advertising fees. Sales grew from 30% last year, after a year, hit 70%, and profit growth hit more than 100%. We also received a considerable service charge

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