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Jingdong Mall CEO Liu said, "Yesterday encountered aging, so firmly believe that the recent period of time about their rumors are rumors." Because his eyes are even smaller, only the spirit of the good eyes will become more and more small! In China, whether in the apparel industry or the electrical industry has created other people can not do the performance, only old ! I think those who accuse, question and taunt him are not eligible!!! "

Recently, every guest has a lot of things, layoffs 5% storm just past, where the former vice President Shengchang statement. An anonymous person in the blog said that every customer shortfall of 2 billion, suddenly every guest is at the cusp.

In this regard, Jingdong Mall CEO Liu published micro-blog, said, "Yesterday met with more firm recent rumors about their rumors are rumours." Because his eyes narrowed smaller, only the spirit of good eyes will become smaller! In China, there is only one aging in both the apparel industry and the electric business industry have created no one can and outstanding performance! I cannot see the qualifications of those who accuse, question or taunt him!!! "

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Before, a netizen on the blog published named "Fank can also how long" series Bowen, "estimates (Fank) has not lasted long, internal and internal problems, crisis." "Bowen is directed at everyone who is living beyond his means and burning money. Every guest-related person in charge denies this statement, where the CEO aged also in the relevant media interview pointed out that "(the blog) is not true." The Internet is free and open, and anyone can write a blog. "

Not long ago, every guest was exposed to the IPO rumors, causing the industry to talk about.

At present, the Internet bubble is serious, and more obvious performance in the field of E-commerce. Many internet bosses, including Ma and Liu, have asserted that an e-commerce bubble will break in two years. Analysts said that in the highly competitive e-commerce sector, people should strengthen infrastructure is fundamental.

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