The days of traditional retailing are tough.

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Absrtact: In the old electric business enterprise Vietnam is fierce, the Vietnam War is stronger, the traditional retail business life is not easy. On the one hand, the first half of the real retail business performance is not satisfactory; On the other hand, the speed of traditional retail industry net slowed, China chain Association statistics

In the old electric Business enterprise Vietnam, the more fierce war, the traditional retail business life is not easy. On the one hand, the first half of the real retail business performance is not satisfactory; On the other hand, the speed of traditional retail industry net slowed, China Association of Statistics shows that the first half of this year only 7 hundred strong chain opened the shop. In the company has been out of the shop, in addition to Suning and Gome, few can be deeply rooted businesses.

However, in the industry's view, the traditional retail net speed slowdown may be the real business to the rational performance. Initially, the entity merchants follow the online shopping mall is simply offline replication, but now they began to consider how to integrate their own advantages, how to complement the short board, to find a more suitable for the development of traditional retail enterprises road.

Move 1

Online Organic Integration

At home, the price of electricity dealers in the smoke, the traditional retail but the sidelines, in foreign countries, the same performance by the impact of the net purchase of the traditional retail industry, has begun with the electric business wits.

Many physical retailers in the United States have become "checkpoints" of online shopping and have suffered heavy losses, the New York Times reported. In response to this situation, some of the traditional U.S. retail to "block" to "pass", the physical store made the extension of their own shop.

Wal-Mart, Macy's, Best Buy and Sears have added online shopping facilities to the physical stores, including return centers, pick-up points, payment counters, and even a car shuttle service center. Those who want to quickly pick up goods inspection customers become the hope of large retailers, they can be in the work time orders, after work to the mall to take goods, if not satisfied, the site can be returned. At Sears and Container Store, where the car shuttle center is opened, consumers can enjoy return services without even getting off the bus.

Other retailers are starting to provide a more convenient shopping experience for consumers by consolidating their products and inventories on line. Nordstrom allows consumers to inquire about the inventory of each store, if a product is out of stock on the Internet, consumers can choose a nearby inventory of physical stores for distribution.

The experience of American traditional retail enterprise integration line is undoubtedly the reference direction of domestic enterprises in the second half of the year. Gome Online Mall general manager Handepeng said to the media, "the future of retail business must be online and offline channels of integration, the largest share of the market must be online and the sum under the line."

Move 2

Open Platform for Transition

Last week, electrical appliances, such as electric business giant Suning Tesco officially announced a full category of open platform strategy, to the settled suppliers to implement the "free of charge, platform-free use fee and free margin" of the "three-free" policy, suning easy to purchase will be mainly through sales back point, warehousing and logistics services profit.

"The development trend of the electric business is becoming more and more open. Weimin, deputy chairman of Suning Appliances, said, "This openness is taking full advantage of its resources while also promoting the development of the industry." More importantly, the open platform strategy for Su Ning, is its electrical booster.

In fact, before this, Jingdong Mall, Dangdang and Amazon China has been to the cat's platform model closer. As a traditional retail business, Suning has taken the lead in the transition to an open platform.

In the opinion of electric business experts, the platform is the future of the electric business enterprise direction, is expected to improve the current "burning Money" mode. It is understood that the same size of the transaction, the platform's income is lower, the higher the interest rate, because it relies on service fees and advertising fees to profit; Independent trader Although the income is higher, but the gross margin is lower, because its profit source is the price and the purchase price difference.

However, this does not mean that having an open platform will help you relax. The platform of the electric dealers still have to deal with the flow distribution and supplier management issues.

Move 3

"Small and medium shop + net buys terminal" mode waits for the test water

The advantage of large retail stores is the variety and quantity of goods, consumers can complete one-stop shopping in the store. However, as the electric business platform to continuously improve the type of goods, many consumers can also buy home through the net to purchase a family of goods needed. "The function and volume of large stores need to be changed. "IBM (Weibo) G Group Vice President Xu Xiao said.

In Xu Xiao's view, large stores in the future may be transformed into a network of warehouse storage base, small and medium-sized shops although the type of goods than large stores, but only in the shop to configure online shopping equipment to facilitate consumers to shop. The future consumer's shopping is likely to be, to buy emergency and fresh goods in small and medium sized shops, and then buy other items in the shop with the ipad and so on.

According to Xu Xiao, he is now ready to interview the water model in some stores.

Move 4

NET shop overall entrusted to professional firms

NET, a former retail giant in charge of electricity business, said that the current traditional retail business has reached a "dilemma". If you do not open an online shop, they have been good at the operation of the field has been constantly eroded by the electricity business, the retail circle, and there are many reasons for the closure of the shop. The net of traditional businesses has become increasingly cautious. In this case, the traditional shop for the third party as a whole hosting company has become a sweet pastry.

In order to transfer part of the risk and improve the professional nature of the operation of the electric business, traditional retailers like Metro have chosen to cooperate with the electronic commerce custodian, Ruijin. Ruijin Lin founder Anshui that, on behalf of the traditional enterprises to quickly cut into the business of one of the ways, can provide professionals, ERP system, and familiar with the network to buy customers demand, than the traditional enterprises to build online shopping mall to be more insurance.

Industry experts pointed out that today's electric operators on behalf of the thousands of operators, but most still stay in the building, the network to promote the level, the real integration of resources, straighten out the supply chain, do a good job in logistics management is still very few. Traditional enterprises to enter the electric business, fully hope that the operation is not desirable, but also need to practice good internal strength and training of electrical talents. Shang Pao reporter Lou Yue cfp/map

NET of traditional retailing industry

A few days ago, China Chain Management Association issued the "traditional retailers to carry out network retail research Report (2012)" shows that this year, the number of newly opened shop hundred retail enterprises will be the least in recent years. On the one hand is the traditional retail industry high expectations in the online business, on the other hand is the operation of online shop forced its rational view of the expansion of the business line, slowing down net footsteps.

Retail Industry net trend

According to the latest survey data of China Chain Management Association, as of late June this year, there are 59 Chinese chain hundred enterprises to carry out the network shopping business, of which 26 stores, supermarkets for 22, and other for home appliances stores, home stores, pharmacies, and so on, a total of more than 70 online shop.

In February this year, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Twelve-Five" period to promote the development of the retail industry guidance, specifically mentioned "to encourage large retail enterprises to open online shopping mall." Access to policy support, retail industry to enter E-commerce is the trend of the general and natural.

More importantly, the traditional retail industry net also to capture the next generation of consumer groups. The young group has been a loyal fan of online shopping, if the traditional retail industry continues to adhere to the line, the future commodity structure will inevitably appear aging trend.

Industry insiders believe that the attempt to "line + offline" Two legs walk, by the retail industry generally as a countermeasure against the economic downturn. But the traditional retail enterprise enters the electric business domain, also will fundamentally change the competition pattern.

Ice Fire Double Day

NET is not only the extension of the real store business, but can play the traditional retail industry in the procurement of advantages. However, at present, the traditional retail industry net mostly still in the exploration or experimental stage. From the data shown in the report, 59 enterprises, network business platform and facilities construction is not perfect, of which the distribution covers the whole country for 32, accounting for 54%, and the support of goods to the payment of 34 companies.

According to the Alexa website traffic statistics, Suning, Gome, Yintai top three, mainly engaged in home appliances, 3C and department stores, two foreign catering enterprises Yum and McDonald's (micro-Bo) occupy the fourth and fifth place, has formed a certain impact. More enterprises still stay in the test water stage, the network retail sales did not increase significantly, compared with the network retail market scale of nearly 800 billion yuan in 2011, traditional enterprises still have a long journey to enter the network retail market.

In the department store industry, E-commerce operation has been effective only silver Thai network, has initially established a department store's leading position in the electric business sector. Recently, the Wangfujing group claimed to invest 100 million yuan into the field of E-commerce. In the industry, the traditional state-funded background of the department store industry to enter the electricity business cautious attitude. For the industry, traditional retailers simply use electricity as a channel to boost performance, "rather than being a start-up for internet companies." As early as the 2001 has been on the line of Xidan shopping malls Igo5, after years of operation, it is really just as a physical store supplement and exist.

The net of traditional supermarkets is also in a pressing moment this year. Some foreign supermarket have quietly withdrawn from their business in China after trying to do so, while Tesco has closed its flagship store, but Metro and Wal-Mart are speeding up the pace of the Chinese electric business. To be on the safe side, Metro has chosen to cooperate with the electronic commerce overall custodian, the Wal-Mart chooses to buy a stake in store No. 1th.

Independent operation guaranteed income under line online

"How to deal with the relationship between online and offline is a major problem facing the traditional retailing industry." "An insider who has been in charge of the electricity business in a domestic retail company, said. The goal of the pure electric Business enterprise is very simple, is to bring the consumers under the line to the greatest extent. But for the traditional retail enterprises, the line of goods distribution, flow (passenger flow) distribution is prone to contradictions, so the best way is offline and offline business separation operation, belong to two sets of management team.

IBMG International Business Management Group Business VP Xu Xiao that online shopping malls and physical retail to have a certain degree of difference, it is best to ensure their own independent operation, so as to reach the line under the maximum benefits.

From the current point of view, in the network to do a good job in the traditional retail enterprises have done this step, its online shopping mall is no longer a physical store to supplement or copy, and even beyond the sublimation of the physical store trend. Suning easy to buy the current commodity category has been far beyond the scope of home appliances, in April this year, the "go to the electrical" strategy to let suning easy to purchase gradually to the comprehensive company website development; Wal-Mart to buy a stake in the number 1th stores in the field of electrical business extension of the territory, both goods and operations are different, we do not have to shop Store number 1th is equivalent to Wal-Mart's concept. Commercial newspaper reporter Shaolanji Sun Shuyan Lou Moon

Traditional enterprises must change their ideas to carry out electric business

Electronic commerce in traditional enterprises is a hot spot in the retail market in recent years. According to the statistics of China Chain Management Association, traditional chain enterprises to open more sites, but this year, the number of traditional network of retailers slowed down, and some companies to close the site of the situation; In addition, even if the e-commerce years of traditional enterprises, the size of the online business of the company's overall business is also very low proportion. In terms of actual sales, China's network retailing is still dominated by pure electric business. As of the first half of the year, only Suning had bought a traditional company, the opposite of the traditional American-dominated pattern. In addition, the current active E-commerce traditional enterprises, more concentrated in home appliances, digital, clothing areas, other categories of relatively few. How to explain the above phenomenon?

As we all know, with the United States online retail business development on the basis of a relatively full derivative of e-commerce situation, China's e-commerce is a hyper-conventional development, making China's retail display a leap-forward development characteristics. The development of Internet has greatly reduced the cost of information acquisition, enhanced the transparency of information, and the characteristics of Internet channels without geographical time limit, so that the circulation of goods in the country is possible. From this, books, 3 C, Home appliances field emerges a group of pure electric business enterprises, clothing, cosmetics field appeared multiple online brands.

On the one hand, the growth of the internet makes home appliances, digital such standard commodity prices more transparent, the user's offline purchase transfer to the online, cultivate the business such as Jingdong Mall, greatly touched the interests of suning, gome such traditional channel business, which forced the latter to actively force the line business; On the other hand, different channels of clothing, Cosmetics and other goods appear on the Internet, resulting in genuine, fake, imitation goods mixed with the situation. For the sake of brand protection, traditional brand merchants have "net" straight. It can be seen that the development of e-commerce touches on the interests of traditional enterprises in these fields, which makes them net and becomes a relatively deep category of E-commerce. As for why, department stores, supermarkets and other online business movements, compared with suning, gome relatively slow, the author believes that the main reason is the growth of E-commerce business for its offline business directly replaced by small, and difficult to perceive. In other words, the growth of E-commerce does not really touch the core interests of such traditional enterprises, so these enterprises do not actively to do e-commerce.

After explaining the cause, further analysis, why the current development of e-commerce in the traditional enterprises? The author thinks, the main reason is that these enterprises are not familiar with the operation characteristics of the network retailing, have not changed the operating concept. The so-called online business operation experience, may be thought to be very empty, some people may think that this problem can be solved by digging some people with internet experience. It's not! Take the website shopping experience as an example. First of all, the website user experience design, has certain technical content, needs to consider the interaction convenient and so on factor; Moreover, more importantly, the experience design needs to follow the renewal, the small step running principle, requests the enterprise to optimize unceasingly, discovers the shopping flow problem in time, and quickly makes the feedback and the update This requires a lot of attention from the company's top users of the evaluation, user shopping experience, in order to form such a mechanism and culture. This is the characteristics of the Internet operation, but also the concept of operational issues. There is no doubt that traditional enterprises must establish such a concept of e-commerce, and in the conduct of business, plan to take measures to avoid the line of business conflicts under the problem.

In summary, the traditional enterprises are gradually increasing the application of the Internet, from the earliest selling goods, to the line to promote the brand, to the landing platform, and even cultivate its own corporate web site, in the process of the Internet, E-commerce awareness will continue to deepen, the concept also needs to be constantly changing. In the long run, such enterprises to carry out E-commerce is inevitable. In the current E-commerce business, the traditional enterprises meet the concept, talent and other issues, will be in the user needs and competitive environment changes in the pressure to solve, but also will form a new market pattern in the future.

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