The deadliest price war in history.

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The first agricultural news in the middle of this month set off the price of electricity business is the focus of public opinion, the first round of the price war by Jingdong mall boss Liu in micro-blog launched, August 14, Jingdong CEO Liu released Micro Bo said that the three years will be gross margin, then said tomorrow nine o'clock in the morning, Jingdong Mall All big home appliances are cheaper than suning line online! After that, Gome and other old rivals of Suning quickly in the micro-blog quickly expressed the challenge. Country laudatory name, tomorrow 9:00, Gome Electric Appliance Electronic Mall All goods price is lower 5% than Jingdong Mall. Everything is available, 15th 9 o'clock in the morning, Gome, Suning, Jing Dong these three giants set off the so-called history of the most brutal price war.

Alas, the most substantial consumers are claimed, however, the end consumer can not seem to be more affordable. Jing-dong, Suning, gome in the micro-Bo backwards constantly upgrade, in the sales terminals are also each of the full body, want to give consumers to establish "I am the cheapest" image, but in fact it is not so. The so-called price war of the big guys is more like a unprepared "stage play". Just through hype, enhance their brand image and visibility bale.

"This is actually a verbal war, not a price war," said Guoqing. The electric business enterprise already did not have enough funds to carry on the real gold silver price to let off. ”

Liu August 17 morning that the price war is inevitable, but now this is a vicious price war, "if this goes on, not three months three families will die", he declared that the war has ended. But then, it called the report misreading. Insist that the price war between the electric dealers never end the day. It can be seen that this price war is Liu whim of the work is not unreasonable.

And that said the lowest price in history has become a frame and the eye of the stunt.

According to a Amoy NET data show, August 15 electric quotient compares gold medal list, Gome Department's Gome Mall and Bowser Net has been in the top two places, but called the most ringing Beijing East and suning price range is not satisfactory. The highest drop in prices for all commodities on that day was only about 10%.

In addition to the price does not give force, there are netizens found that many goods "cheat very to the force, but always no goods." Either out of stock or "error404" error code. Amoy Net list of out of stock rate table shows that the highest jump of the Jingdong mall August 15 out of stock rate as high as 29.63%, when 18.8%, Gome for 2.76%, suning for 11.12%. It can be seen that the United States, whether the price or supply in terms of price is relatively good. And from the beginning of the very high of the east of the data revealed in front of the naïve prototype.

Meanwhile, according to Southern Weekend statistics, August 15, 2012 2:30. Jingdong and Suning easy to buy goods in the same model few, randomly compared to the 9 types of goods in the model coincidence rate of the highest but 50%; the lowest category, each of the 40 models sold, only one of the same.

Recently, there are also media data show that many of the so-called lowest prices in Beijing East actually increase the price at a discount on sale.

A few days ago, CCTV "24-hour" program quotes a domestic price comparison site data, Beijing and east prices more than 120 goods, an average increase of 15.82%, the amount of about 200 yuan. The price of goods 440, an average decline of 9.75%, the price of 152 yuan. reported that, although the price of goods than price increases, but in fact, about half of the price of goods is out of stock;

Gome Mall also seize this to bash Jingdong Mall, "Jingdong if there is no strength, do not price, how can the price?" This kind of consumer behavior is really not honest. ”

At the same time Gome also do not forget to the traditional boss of the identity of Beijing East Liu.

Gome Mall general Manager Handepeng said: "Hit the price of the east is" amateur players. Price war is the natural process of competitive development of retail enterprises, we follow the industry to win, instead of blindly playing price war, we play price war, Jingdong Liu still in Zhongguancun. I hope that Jing Dong will continue to fight the price war, do not stop. ”

Interestingly, such a tough statement was the Liu Challenge. It said: "We have nothing but money!" You can fight it, hit the dead! ”

Today, Liu in the microblog also on the Beijing-East price war in the existing problems in the first response, I am not ready to apologize for the shortage, quickly resolved. But his report on CCTV countered, "1, the price is transparent, cheap not cheap everyone can see." Since a lot of goods have been robbed, it has proved to be cheap. 2, the so-called parity site itself is a competitor malicious attack. ”

So looking back, the price war is more like a free-for-all. There is no real let consumers, aimed at using hype to improve their visibility. Analysts believe that this is the electric business giants "about good" joint public relations show.

Dangdang COO Huang Joulu said, "This price war is not the kind of beforehand prepared a very full price war, because it does not have any early advertising preheating, their own internal preparation is not very full, did not be able to timely contact with their suppliers." We had an anniversary event, we contacted the business before the event, we talked about the discount, and we chose the way to do it for those products that were really not selling. This kind of problem must be dealt with well in advance, otherwise it will make the customer feel cheated. ”

And that's also supported by data. And for the price war sponsors Jingdong mall, its influence and visibility has been greatly improved, Alexa rankings show, Jingdong Mall August 18 The day ranked 31, the price war in the week ranked 32. In addition, from the Baidu Index, its users ' attention increased by 109% in a week, the media attention in a week to increase the number of more astonishing 353%.

From the level of speculation, Jingdong Mall has achieved success and want the effect, and Daiju line under the acting, can also be sealed a "power business actor."

A Chinese capital Securities network analyst, who declined to be named, said the price war does not preclude speculation, propaganda is indeed very effective, the media has made this is a very good advertising dissemination case.

And calmly look at this price war, after the tragic. In fact, it has brought some new hope to the development of the electric business industry, that is to push forward the legislative work of the electric industry standard competition. The normative laws and regulations are the most absent "magic spell" in the field of China's electric business.

A few days ago, Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Danyang told the media publicly that the Ministry of Commerce has been concerned about the recent period of time for large electric dealers to carry out a price war, and will continue to pay attention to the developments. He stressed that large e-commerce sites in the price war must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, but also must protect the interests of consumers and suppliers.

It is noteworthy that Wang Desheng, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Circulation Development, said that the Ministry of Commerce has issued the "third Party trading platform Service specification" has provisions. In the future, the responsibilities and obligations of all parties to E-commerce transactions, in addition to the relevant laws and regulations to improve, in the relevant standards should also be refined and supplemented, "E-commerce marketing operating norms," and other standards have been included in the formulation of plans. This shows that the regulation of the operation of the electrical business of the relevant system is sooner or later.

As early as June this year, the State Administration for industry and Commerce led the launch of the "Internet commodity trading and service regulation" has been included in the State Council "two types of legislation" plan. This means that China's first e-commerce regulatory legislation has been fully activated.

There is analysis that the price war, Jingdong Mall practice, in foreign countries may constitute an illegal, but the relevant domestic laws and regulations are not perfect. There is no standard and a survey is conducted on the subjects concerned. Now that everyone is crazy, the problem of the electric glance industry is exposed. That would provide an opportunity for the promulgation of laws and regulations. is a good thing. The "cheap" barbaric pattern of development will also be over when the race to set up a price war on Weibo.

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