"The death of Steve Jobs" has become one of the most widely debated topics since his own microblog.

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Absrtact: October 8 Morning News, according to the latest Sina Weibo statistics, the death of jobs has become his own micro-blog coverage of the most widely discussed issues, from the 6th morning 8 to 24 points, in the release of the content of the microblog said Jobs's users over

October 8 Morning News, according to Sina Weibo latest statistics, "The death of Steve Jobs" has become the most widely covered issue since its own microblog, from 8 to 24 in the morning of 6th, and in the Twitter content of the day it was mentioned that Jobs's users were more than 35% of the total users of the day, Among them, there are forwarding micro-hiroyuki for the user's account is up to 45%.

As of 7th 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Weibo's discussion of the death of Mr. Jobs in Sina Weibo is close to 75 million. Although Mr. Jobs's bad health was no longer new news for the fruit powder, the sudden news of his death still made many people hard to accept. More than half of the official polls in which the total number of participants exceeded 250,000 described their first reaction as "shocking" and more than 40,000 chose to "not believe".

In addition, Sina Weibo official account @ Weibo Small Secretary (micro Bo) also launched a "with Steve Jobs's Apple Mourning Jobs" featured theme activities, calling on iphone users and ipad users to send micro-blogs to jobs and change their microblog source to "from Jobs ' iphone" and " From Jobs ' ipad, the microblog was forwarded nearly 120,000 times in 1 days.

According to official data, nearly 2 million users posted micro-blogs via Apple handsets and tablet computers within 24 hours of 7th 8 o'clock Noon, and these users inadvertently spread the commemoration of jobs, which also set the highest number of participants in the microblog's daily theme event, Yang Lan, Yi and other celebrities have also been involved in the commemoration. The portrait of Steve Jobs, which came online yesterday afternoon, was used by users more than 1.8 million times within hours.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, has led the launch of a series of products such as Mac, ipod music player, iphone and ipad tablet, known as the IT leader who combines technology and art perfectly. In addition, Mr. Jobs also took part in the creation of the Pixar film Company, which launched a number of excellent films, such as Toy Story. After Mr. Jobs's death, many celebrities, including US President Barack Obama, expressed their condolences at the first time.

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