The details of the site's operations determine success or failure

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Details, as the name implies is a small link or plot, in our initial site, may each webmaster have some ambitions, imagine the near future, their own website became today's Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, but 11545.html "> We have not thought about, To be the star of tomorrow's network, how difficult or even impossible to complete the task, the ebb tide began to see gold, we saw their success, but can not see the dead in the sea of the tens of thousands of sites.

In fact, what I want to say today is that we have great ambition is a very good thing, at least let us have passion, there is a goal, but we can not lose every detail of our website, there is a good saying, do a simple thing every day is not simple, the details determine success or failure. Although the High-tech industry, technology, innovation is the trump card for many successful companies, but for most of our grassroots webmaster, details are the key to determining our success.

The importance of detail is to see no details, or do not take the details of the person, the user lacks a serious empathy, such people can not regard their site as a fun, but as a kind of work, and therefore lack of enthusiasm, but for the establishment of stations, unwilling to place themselves in the user's role, They can only appreciate their own site, not to experience their hard-earned Web site. and taking into account the details, attention to detail, not only seriously improve the site layout, pay more attention to the process of doing the station with the user interaction, personal experience of the user's feelings, so that the site to do more than the user imagined better, can say the details to achieve the ultimate is perfect.

Attention to detail, improve the details, I think need to do the following points.

First: The attitude to be serious, this is a detail to win the era, any aspect wants to have the effect, to the detail processing must strive for excellence, but we do the station process, more needs so, now the network competition is also very intense, every day has the massive website to be published, also has the massive website to die, we as the grassroots stationmaster, There is no advanced technology, there is no strong ability, only limited resources, to try to perfect our website, so that users feel that your site does not feel wasted time.

Second: Pay attention to the details, in peacetime life, work habits, we do the station, in fact, is also a part of life, if we usually develop a careless, careless habit, in peacetime maintenance of the website, the operation process, there may be careless, or even mistake, it is not worth the candle.

Third: Attention to detail, is not to exclude innovation, innovation is the source of the network, details and innovation is not contradictory, but mutually mutual, just like the Guangzhou Barter Network in some detail above on a lot of Kung fu, can be said to be some small innovation, such as in the bottom of the forum, We have added mobile phone number query box and Baidu query box, so that users are very convenient to query some of the forum mobile phone number of the location and the mobile phone number in Baidu search information.

In short, we do the station process, we must be the user's mentality to improve the details of our website, so that users feel that the site of our intentions to do the station, the intention to let us go closer, details, let us decide the future!

Article First A5, reproduced please indicate from Guangzhou barter Exchange Network.

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