The development of cloud applications is the primary task of Windows Azure

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In the keynote of the first morning of the PDC10 Convention, the development process of cloud applications on Windows Azure is very focused , according to unanimous expectations . This topic has been the focus of a wide range of developers , cloud computing is coming, what should developers do next? Microsoft answered the question today.

First of all, cloud application development on Windows Azure, using the development model is modular , is the most frequently used, but the more complex application modules solidified on the Azure platform, it is easier to allow developers to make calls. This is like the popularity of Visual Basic years ago, when VB control is unique, today, the module on Azure let development this more focused on the user interface, interactive experience and innovative business applications, do not pay too much attention to the underlying development technology, device drivers, memory optimization and so on.

2nd, the cloud of identity authentication management, in the client application, how to set different management or application permissions for different people is still a matter of concern, then, in the cloud application, how to set permissions to ensure security and easier to use, Microsoft also launched an excellent solution on the Azure platform.

3rd, the application of E-commerce has become more and more widespread and popular, the demand for online delivery will become very large, for users, E-commerce platform delivery function may be a large number of service platform bottlenecks, the delivery of functional security, user experience, process rationality and so on, Azure provides a delivery module that can be invoked directly by the developer, which facilitates the development threshold of the E-commerce platform. AOD is a partner of Microsoft, and their nvoicepay is to use Windows Azure and SQL Azure to provide small and medium enterprises with electronic payment modules that can be applied to PCs and mobile terminals.

Steve Ballmer also at the PDC10 conference on the scene concluded: "The application development in Azure, the emphasis is to weaken the bottom of the development process, focus on the application development level, so that developers can more easily develop a rich application." After Weall in, Steve Ballmer shouted "All about APP".

Then 51CTO reporters at the scene and Microsoft Greater China Region Chief strategy officer Shenwey PDC10 content to discuss and share, Shenwey also talked about these Windows Azure platform powerful features, the most important is for developers, hope to be able to simplify their development process, It's a great opportunity for Microsoft's many ISV partners in the country to focus more on their areas of expertise and do business applications that are suitable for localization. At the same time, Shenwey also revealed that the above modules provided by Azure, will certainly be a large number of partners to participate in the gradual improvement of the collection of this module. (Text/Ma Yi)

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