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on today's CA World 2013, Lionel Lim, president of CA Technologies Asia Pacific and Japan, said in response to CNET reporter's question about whether CA technologies would work with China's local partners to jointly advance the development of the public cloud market: " This cooperation program will be announced in the next 3 months, CA Technologies in China's public cloud market expansion plan has been in our consideration. ”

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As the Chinese market restricts foreign operations to the public cloud business, it is difficult for some multinationals to synchronize the Chinese market with the rest of the world in order to enjoy the company's Unified cloud computing products or services, as is the case with CA technologies.

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CA Technologies Asia Pacific and Japan regional President Lionel Lim

Recently interviewed CA Technologies China general manager Suen when he said: "In the CA Lisa products as an example, CA Lisa Products can provide a cloud-based testing environment abroad, but not much progress in the country." "But it is believed that this situation will be improved with the further implementation of the joint development of the Chinese public cloud market by CA Technologies and its partners."

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On the current CA World 2013, CA Technologies has launched a series of cloud management and security solutions. In the area of cloud management, the next generation CA Cloudminder, an enterprise-level identity access and management solution, runs in the form of cloud services. In addition, china public cloud market share CA Technologies has released a new generation of Service Desk features, which is a true SaaS solution.

In addition, CA Technologies has released a CA FCX Playbook product based on SaaS model delivery, a mobile application that allows CXO to strategically manage the technology investments of companies or organizations directly from the ipad.

For the SaaS strategy of CA Technologies, chief executive Gregoire said: "For most people, SaaS means moving apps to the public cloud, but I have a different view." I think SaaS is more inclined to change the technology infrastructure and business model. "This is a huge market, but too many customers are tied to the concept of a public cloud, a private cloud, a hybrid cloud," says Suen, for China's cloud computing, especially the public cloud market. ”

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At this conference, CA Technologies highlighted four disruptive technology trends: development Operations (DEVOPS), mobility, and data management analysis, in addition to SaaS. for development Operations (DEVOPS), Suen believes there is a huge demand in the Chinese market. Because for customers, the early 12-18 months before the development and application of the practice is outdated, the opportunity is fleeting, in order to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises, many applications are within a few months, or even a few days of application development.

CA Technologies has also speeded up acquisitions in order to stay ahead of the development operations market, announcing the acquisition of Nolio to deliver 0 of contacts across the application supply chain, maintenance, repair and recovery. The CA Lisa Application Delivery suite has also been expanded to include CA-Lisa service virtualization (ca Lisa Services virtualization), CA Lisa Automation (ca Lisa release Don), CA Lisa Pathfinder, CA LISA Devcloud Manager.

For most multinational IT companies, the opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market are huge, as is the case for CA Technologies, chief executive Gregoire said in a media interview yesterday: "The opportunities in emerging markets are huge and their performance is satisfactory." "and specific to China's performance, Suen told reporters:" CA technologies more than sales performance in addition to the overall market health performance, such as customer satisfaction and market cultivation. ”

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