The difference between a cloud server and a virtual host

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Virtual host is the use of network space technology, a server into a number of "virtual" host, each network space has a separate domain name and IP address, with a complete Internet server function. Network space is completely independent, in the view of the outside world, each network space and a stand-alone host exactly the same. effect, but the cost is very different. Because more than one network space to share a real host of resources, each network space users to bear the hardware costs, network maintenance costs, the cost of communication lines are greatly reduced, the Internet really become affordable by everyone network!.

Many businesses use this approach to build websites, which not only save money for machines and leased lines, but also do not have to worry about the technical issues of using and maintaining the servers, and not to hire specialized managers.

What is a cloud server?

Cloud server, also known as cloud computing server or cloud host, is a host product in cloud computing service system. Cloud server is a kind of virtualization technology similar to VPS server. can also be understood to be a VPS upgrade version. He is also different from VPS, which is a cluster of clustered servers divided into several similar independent host parts. Each server in the cluster will have a mirror image of the cloud host. When one of the machines fails. You can automatically jump to other machines to access it. So, theoretically, if not all the machines fail. Ring to the cloud host's access. So the cloud hosts are more powerful than VPS in terms of security and stability.

Cloud server and virtual host are integrated High-performance server and high quality network bandwidth through cloud computing, which effectively solves the disadvantages of high rental price of traditional host and uneven service quality.

The cloud server has all the privileges and functions of the server, and can be comparable to the independent server, and in the Nick Price is also very favorable prices, in the purchase of discount space may also be able to Amoy to special name.

Cloud virtual host, that is, from the cloud server and a near-step division, through the virtual host management software, the cloud server into 100M 200M, etc. model of small space, is small and medium-sized 25058.html "> Enterprises to build the best choice for the station!"

The difference between a cloud server and a virtual host: HTTP://WWW.IISP.COM/ZTVIEW/F_ASDX10.HTML?S=ASDX

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