The difference between a sky-high domain name and a common domain is often just a gleam.

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After Google, Microsoft and other companies have to spend huge sums to buy Ultra short domain name, recently,'s network domain name and 1.25 million U.S. dollars deal; and porn (adult pornography). com is the price that once created 9.5 million dollars. The business opportunity of the network domain name gradually highlights. But domain name investment experts remind, sky-high domain name and ordinary domain name difference is often only in the first line, no professional standard of ordinary people are not suitable for investment.

Taiwan's, a Taiwanese domain name investor, bought 1000 dollars for Santaclaus (Santa Claus) in the global Domain name trading website four years ago. The info domain, two years later, to 12,000 euros to a U.S. Christmas goods dealer, low buy high selling room, Frank's return on investment is as high as 161 times times.

It is reported that, and other domain names have been registered years ago, not long ago, Apple Computer, the Japanese company Nintendo "forced" to buy back these domain names at high prices.

However, there is a difference between the average domain speculator and the domain-name investor. The two are not the same in their modus operandi, and speculators will deliberately take the corporate trademarks and related strings; The domain name investor is the investment mentality, the discovery has the commercial interest, but the value is undervalued domain name, then looks for is willing to pay the high price the buyer to take over.

However, because the domain name investment requires investors to have a very high professional standards, in addition to have a keen observation, insight into the market value of the domain name, but also must have a commercial evaluation capacity, reference to similar domain name Web site traffic, advertising volume, so experts do not recommend ordinary people to invest in network domain names

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